Albert Grendall

Fitter in Hydraulic 2

John Davis remembers Albert Grendall and his retirement
John Davis remembers Albert Grendall and his retirement
"Albert_Grendle". Genre: Blues.

In this audio clip John Davis talks about the retirement of Albert Grendall during the mid 1990s. Albert was previously a fitter in the valve bay. John talks about the roles of other people seen in the photos – such as Norman Davenport and Leslie Spooner. John recounts many happy memories of times at Fielding and Platt and when looking at the third photograph showing the kiss-o-gram brought in for Albert’s retirement quips: “I can’t imagine him taking her home!”.

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  • Your’e right Alistair! Being ‘zapped’ by persons unknown was an everyday hazard when in the valve bay area as I recall too! It was the ideal place for them to get away without being seen too easily! If you remember, there was Albert Grendall, Vic Taylor, Maurice Goddard, Wally Organ, Jim Brint and Bob, whose surname I can’t recall at the moment. Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (01/10/2013)
  • If I remember correctly, Albert was one of the Valve Bay gang, who were crack shots with a springy steel rule and a small folded piece of emery cloth. The emery was sometimes soaked in oil, to give it some weight and ensure it not only hurt when it hit you, but made a mess as well! Maybe it wasn’t Albert, because when you turned round to see where the missile came from, they all had their heads down working!

    By ALISTAIR ADAMS (23/09/2013)

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