The Directors

Jim Fielding, Reggie Rowles and David Rowles

In this audio file, John Davis remembers the directors of Fielding and Platt seen studying the specification for a customer. He talks about the people pictured including Reggie Rowles, David Rowles, and Jim Fielding.  David Rowles was a “very fair gentleman” who was well liked by the other employees of Fielding and Platt.

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  • Derek Rowles writes:

    “I was delighted to see this photograph of my late Godfather Mr R.V. (Reg.) Rowles and cousin David Rowles. My father, Alec Henry (Harry) Rowles (1893 – 1963), also had a proud connection with Fielding and Platt having served a 5 year Indentured apprenticeship in 1909 and I still have his original Indenture signed and sealed by James Fielding, Director and Secretary. To obtain additional electrical experience he spent time with the Gloucester Electrical consultant Mr F.H. Corson. During this period he was one of the staff commissioning the battleship H.M.S. Conqueror, in Scotland, when it was inspected by Winston Churchill, the then First Lord of the Admiralty.

    In 1914 my father joined The Royal Engineers and was commissioned in the field in France. After the war he joined W.S. Barron Co Ltd, Bristol Road, Gloucester as Company Secretary and later became Chairman & Managing Director.

    I too became an Engineer serving my apprenticeship with the Simon Engineering Group in Stockport and, after qualifying, David Rowles proposed my Membership of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. I spent several years as a Divisional Manager at W.S. Barron Ltd (later Simon Barron Ltd) prior to becoming Marketing Director and eventually Managing Director of the Stroud based chain saw manufacturers Danarm Ltd.

    Reg Rowles, lived in Heathville Road, Gloucester and was the son of Mr Victor Rowles – a Shipbroker based in Gloucester Docks acting as vice consul for several countries including Portugal and Uruguay. Victor was an early member of Gloucester Rugby Club and played for the club in the 1880s when the club played at the Spa.

    I am very proud of family’s long association with Gloucester and engineering, commencing with my Great Grandfather Charles Rowles (1816 – 1885) who had a small business in Gloucester Docks making Pumps & Blocks for sailing ships. It is wonderful that memories of this fine company and its employees are recorded and I hope this small contribution will be of interest.”

    Derek Rowles C.Eng., M.I.Mech.E.

    By ALISTAIR ADAMS (21/10/2013)

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