Brian Mince

Industrial Photographer 1952-1974

Brian Mince remembers Fielding & Platt Christmas parties in the 1960s

In a Digital Story recorded by John Davis and edited by Saydee Oliveira from the University of Gloucestershire, Brian remembers becoming an apprentice Industrial Photographer in 1952 before going on to become Fielding and Platt’s chief photographer.

In a second digital story Brian remembers leading the organizing committee for the famous Fielding & Platt Christmas parties in the 1960s

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  • Thanks John! It sounds like there were some keen gardeners at Fielding’s! I wonder if you ever compared your crops and who the best gardener at Fielding’s was?! Also, I wonder – did anyone ever sell their fruit, veg, or flowers at the Works? – or maybe at the social occasions or sports’ days?!

    By Ollie Taylor (04/04/2013)
  • While working at F & P I was also the Treasurer of GAGS (Gloucester Amateur Gardening Society) for many years. Ron Yardley, Chief Inspector at Fielding’s, was my boss in later years and he joined the gardening club and became the Chairman. One of our Show Judges was Brian Mince, who judged the photographic section. I am a permanent member now and do not visit the club often but I believe Ron is still in charge.

    By John Cole (23/03/2013)

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