George Jackson "Speedster" and an accident in the Boiler Yard

A comment on The Citizen article, 16/03/2013

On reading the article on George Jackson in the Citizen (Saturday 16/03/2013) it reminded me of a sad accident.

As an apprentice in the Boiler Yard, there were times we had to cross the railway lines in Baker Street to get to the Fitting Shop. Now, what the newspaper did not say was the speed George travelled at – he was a speedster! On one particular day, I had just pushed a wooden trolley up to the large sliding door into the Fitter’s department and was going to open it when it flew open. Out comes George who falls in the trolley and damages his teeth. Fortunately he survived to carry on speeding.

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  • What a great memory of George that is Ian – thank you! I’d have never have thought to ask about how George moved – it sounds like he was just as dynamic at “speeding” about as he was at his work in the Boiler Yard?!

    I’m sure there a plenty more memories of George that have yet to be shared and if you have any more then please do add them.

    Likewise, it would be good to hear about what it was like to be an apprentice in the Boiler Yard? When were you there? Were the wooden trolleys the usual way of moving pipes between the Boiler Yard and Fitting Shop? – Was that a job typically given to apprentices?!

    By Ollie Taylor (20/03/2013)

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