Jim Hurcombe and Sylvia Brown.

Memories from their son Roy.

A presentation. Jim is 4th from right.
Jim receiving a skittles trophy.

Hi, my name is Roy Hurcombe. Both my mother and father worked for Fieldings. Dad all his working life. His name was Jim Hurcombe. Mum worked there as Sylvia Brown.

Dad passed away about 3 years ago now, but Mum is still fit and well.

Mum started in the Filing Office with Mr MacGarragher, then moved to the printing office with Tom Underwood (who got their wedding cake made for them). She then moved to the despatch office with Jim Haynes and Les Wheeler.

Dad joined Fieldings (we think) in 1947 as a fitter under Bill Hickman and as long as I can remember he worked on nights for years. I can remember him going away to the Corgi factory for 1 or 2 weeks every summer and coming home with lots of Corgi cars, hot off the press!

Cyril Hurcombe was Dad’s uncle and I can remember going round to his house in India Road, looking at his budgies which he bred out the back.

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  • Hey, nice to see some lovely comments about Dad; Mum is very pleased he is so fondly remembered. 

    Thanks very much.

    By Roy Hurcombe (22/04/2015)
  • Hi Paula, must mean we’re related some how, lol, nice to hear from you. 


    By Roy Hurcombe (22/04/2015)
  • Hi Roy. My name is Keith Parker. I can remember travelling with Jim for several years every summer when he worked at the Corgi factory servicing an H3 pump. As far as I can remember he couldn’t drive so l dropped him off at the factory then went on to where l was working nearby at Alcan, returning in the evening to chauffeur him back to our hotel. My memories with Jim were nights out at a Berni Inn; The Three Lamps in Swansea  where Jim always had steak and we shared a small bottle of Mateus Rosé, his favourite wine.      Regards Keith

    By Keith Parker (03/03/2015)
  • Hi ! My grandad was Cyril Hurcombe, he died in June 1980. Glad you enjoyed visiting him and seeing the budgies, I have happy memories of those days too.

    By Paula Whitcher (27/02/2015)
  • Thanks Chippy, that rings a bell, were you in charge of catering too? Alistair.

    By ALISTAIR ADAMS (20/11/2013)
  • Hi Roy, my name is Alistair Adams and I worked as an apprentice, with your Dad on nights in Hydraulic 2 for several months. One of my very important jobs, was to go over the road at break time, to get the fish and chips! The other fitter with us was called ‘Haggis’. I can’t remember his real name, but from memory, he had been a submariner and was also a keen fisherman.

    By ALISTAIR ADAMS (19/11/2013)
  • Hi Alistair. I think ‘Haggis’ was ‘Jock’ MacDonald. Not sure if I’ve spelt his surname correctly? I remember both of them from my time in Hyd 2 too. Chippy Aston.

    By Graham Aston (19/11/2013)

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