Albert Brazington

Service Engineer 1960s

John Davis recalls Albert Brazington
"Albert_Brasington". Genre: Blues.

In this audio clip John Davis talks about Albert Brazington who worked at Fielding and Platt during the 1960s servicing presses. Albert can be seen to be standing beside a large control panel which was made up “like meccano” from aluminium sections.

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  • I remember Charlie Brazington from my time working on the night shift. At that time he was working on the ‘big Boko’ milling machine in the middle bay of the heavy machine shop. I remember he would keep his ‘rollies’ behind his ears which resulted in nicotine stains on his hair! Towards the end of a shift he used to go over the road to the newsagents and get a paper and some scratch cards, whether he ever won much, if anything, I really can’t remember now.

    Ed: Nice story, Chippy, keep them coming! John B

    By Graham 'Chippy' Aston (03/11/2019)
  • This photo is of my uncle! His brother, Charlie, worked there too and I think my Mum, Doris Brazington as well.

    Ed: Carol, many thanks for the information. John B

    By Carol Thomas (31/10/2019)
  • Many thanks to Tony Hope for correcting the spelling of Albert’s name. John B

    By John Bancroft (03/10/2013)

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