Christmas 1981

Redundancies in the Drawing Office

In this audio clip, John Davis recounts the events of Christmas 1981 that saw all Fielding and Platt employees receive an envelope telling them whether they had been made redundant or not. Only two from the Drawing Office retained their jobs; the rest were kept on until they had completed their respective projects. Despite this, they stuck together like “comrades in arms” and had Christmas lunch. Looking back, John acknowledges that “the reality of it all didn’t dawn on us” until afterwards, when we went home to tell our wives and sweethearts about the redundancies.

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  • Simon – you are right, it was in fact 1982!

    By Chris Evans (02/04/2014)
  • Many thanks for completing the list Simon.

    By Dulcie Adams (31/03/2014)
  • I remember the second photo (and still have a copy myself). I’m sure it was Xmas 1982. From left to right at the back are: Roger Goode, Steve Price, Ken Marshall, Frank Kelly, Mike Fortey, Chris Evans, Les Hamblin, Tony Dyer. At the front (L to R) Chris Farley, Lionel Longney, John Davis and Mike Parker. The photo was taken by Bob Folkes who nearly always had his camera handy. If Bob is still with us, I’m sure he’s got plenty more pictures of F&P. Other people in the DO around that time who I remember well were: John Ansley, Ken Daniel, Ray Hecquet, Steve Cook, Bill Nash, Sid Jenkins, Tim Lodge and the unforgettable Esmond Serjeant.

    By Simon Berryman (26/03/2014)
  • Thanks for filling in some of the gaps Chris. I think John Davis is top right in the first photo, with Tony Dyer next to him. John also appears in the second photo, front row second right, and Tony has just managed to get into the picture top right at the back. Dulcie

    By Dulcie Adams (05/03/2014)
  • I can be seen third from left on both photos. Les Hamblin is stood next to me (twice), I also recognise Roger Goode, Frank Kelly, Lionel Longney, John Davis and Mike Parker. I also rememeber the redundancy! After that I still came back for a second go! Chris Evans

    By Chris Evans (28/02/2014)
  • Thanks very much Andy. Hopefully we will hear from others who may be able to fill the gaps. Dulcie

    By Dulcie Adams (20/01/2014)
  • Top left is Roger Goode, bottom left is Chris Farley, Bottom Right looks like Mike Parker. The beard at top centre looks like Frank Kelly, who I remember as an Electrician.

    By Andy Dobson (17/01/2014)

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