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My Life at Fielding's: Part One

I joined Fielding’s in 1956 after working for two years for Gloucester Aircraft Company.  I was twenty seven.  I was interviewed for the job in the Design Office by Mr Morton, the Personnel Manager.  And so began the best ten years of my working life.

I cannot remember the name of the gentleman I first worked under, but I became friendly with George Claridge.  My first success was designing the main fabrication for the 4000 ton Stretcher, installed, I think, at Alcan.  My Section Leaders were Eric Johnson and Eric Penning.  The Section Engineer was Esmund Serjent.  After two or three years I was promoted to Section Leader and went onto monthly staff.

I left the company in 1966 to work in Poole at ENEFCO.  Never again was I to experience the joy I had at work during those ten years with the people I worked with.

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  • Thanks for adding this interesting page Herbert! I’m so pleased that it’s only “part one” and I very much look forward to parts two, three, and more in due course!

    It would be great to know more about the Technical Training Department and its syllabus and your experiences in the role of Technical Training Engineer. The Technical Training Department isn’t one that anyone’s mentioned before so it would be good to know more about it – was it like the Craft School but for Draughtsmen?

    By Ollie Taylor (18/02/2013)

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