Brian Gage

Fitting Shop Superintendent

Five photographs  featuring  Brian, have been  submitted by  Stephen, Brian’s son.

Photo No 1.  L-R Gil Claridge, ‘Ginger’ Preece, Vic Holtham, Brian Gage, Alfie Russell, Ted Marshall, Sid Smart.

Photo No 2.  L-R front table Ray Davies, Brian Gage, Pete Wood.

L-R  back table (rear) ?, Ron Yardley, Pete Norridge, ?, Bill Norton, ?.

L-R back table (front) ?, ?, Ray Price, John Burrows, ?, Frank Bullock.

Photo No 3  L-R top table ?, Reggie Rowles, Bill Stammers, David Rowles, ?.

L-R front table (far) Brian Underwood, John Dalgliesh, Gerry Richings, Ray Davies, Brian Gage, George Brown, Pete Wood.

L-R front table (near) Pete Norridge, ?, ?.

Photo No 4      L-R ,?, ?, Wilf Gardner (with beer), Sid Smart (glasses), ?, John Cresswell, ?, ?, Owen Feltham, Bryan Stanley, ?.

Photo No 5      L-R back row Bill Meadows, Alfie Russell, Sid Smart (with                           glasses),  Roger Langston.

L-R front row Vic Holtham, Brian Gage, Bryan Stanley.

Can anyone fill in the ‘blank spaces,’  name the occasion & venue & identify the cup on the table?  What happy memories do these photos rekindle?

What other memories of Brian’s time at Fieldings  can you recall?

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  • Hi Jim!  Many thanks for adding the names. We are slowly refining and completing the line-up!  John B

    By John Bancroft (31/12/2014)
  • Photo Update.

    Pic 1. Vic Holtham (taking a slurp).

    Pic 2. Next to John Burrows is Ray Price.

    Pic 3. Brian Underwood, John Dalgliesh, Gerald Richings, Ray Davies.

    Pic 4. Wilf Gardner (with beer), Sid Smart, John Cresswell, ?, ?, Owen Feltham, Bryan Stanley, Brian Gage.

    Pic 5. Rear far right, Roger Langston. Lower, Vic Holtham.

    By Jim Rigby (30/12/2014)

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