Fielding Horizontal Diesel Engine, Serial No. 040060

Location, Ayr, North Queensland, Australia

Kindly supplied by Max Tavasci - March 2016
Kindly supplied by Max Tavasci - March 2016
Kindly supplied by Max Tavasci - March 2016
Kindly supplied by Max Tavasci - March 2016
Kindly supplied by Max Tavasci - March 2016
Kindly supplied by Max Tavasci - March 2016
Photo of Gloucester Waterways Museum engine (for reference only)

This commentary was supplied by Max Tavasci in March 2016 and updates the original posting of Sept. 2015.

The latest photos he has supplied are of his father’s engine, a 65HP x 240 RPM stationary engine, serial No. 40060, mounted onto a cement block. It was used to pump water for irrigation of sugar cane. (The photo of the Fielding engine in the Gloucester Waterways Museum, is retained for reference only).

He wonders what a single-cylinder Fielding & Platt stationary diesel engine like this would/could be worth today and whether anyone would be interested in the purchase for renovation?

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  • Hi, I come from a family in Fiji who ran privately owned electricity business supplying power to the township of Nadi. The business started around 1934 with a purchase of this particular model single piston horizontal 22hp diesel fuel Fielding engine. The family purchased it second hand from closed-down sugar mill in Mago Island in Fiji.
    Around 1949, they purchased a second larger 60hp Fielding engine to meet the growing demand for electricity from the same seller. Electricity then was mainly used for lighting purposes. The hours of operation was from 6pm to 11 pm, which also allowed a Cinema (Globe Theater) to operate. The Cinema operators had to request for a little longer operation time whenever they ran double feature films!
    We used to also manufacture ice for the old fashioned Ice Chests for customers in Nadi. By early 1950’s, fridges began to appear and electricity requirements grew steadily when additional plants (Mirlees engines) were bought from England. By then the supply hours was increased and by 1956, 24 hours supply was available in town.
    The M E Khan & Co family business had contributed much to the development of Nadi as this particular business helped its growth from a small township to becoming a recognized Town Council with streetlights.
    In 1962 my family sent me to UK for my tertiary education in Electrical engineering. By the time I returned in 1970, Fiji Electricity Authority was established that had taken over the family undertaking a year earlier. I joined the company.

    I was wondering, if there is anyway of finding out when was those two plants sold to the Fiji customer of Mago Island.

    Ed: Many thanks for your very informative post. Our records are very limited but we will see if anything can be found! John B

    By Basharat A Khan (10/08/2019)
  • Hi Trevor!  I will write to my brother and see if he can fill us in some more.

    By Max Tavasci (05/09/2015)
  • Hi Max!  Would it be possible to supply the bore & stroke of the engine in Australia, and also the serial number? Also a picture of the front end of the engine would be helpful.

    With this information I will attempt to find a valuation of the engine.

    Many thanks, Trevor

    By Trevor Hill (03/09/2015)

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