Old F & P Single Piston Oil Engine, c.1900

circa 1900

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I have a late 1800 early 1900 Fielding & Platt oil engine, it is still working and in a good shape. Do you know any institution or a museum that would be interested in buying it?

Thank you.  S. Elmairy

Ed note: Further information supplied by the owner: –

The engine is driving a water pump, lifting water from an underground well.

The engine is located in the city of Assiut, upper Egypt.

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  • Mr Elmairy.  I am interested to read about another Fielding engine in existence.

    Since 1985 I have been putting together a register of what Fielding Engines are still in existence and this is the first engine that has shown up in Egypt.

    From the serial number 015539 it tells me that the engine is Semi Diesel and was built circa 1924.

    I was not able to read the horsepower of the engine on the plate and I would be grateful if you could give the bore & stroke of the engine.

    Unfortunately, I do not know of a possible home for the engine.

    Regards Trevor

    By Trevor Hill (25/04/2014)

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