Engine and Hydraulic Press, c.1936

Photographs of a 'Fielding' Engine No. 040310, c.1936, near Skala, Greece!

Kef 05 165
Tim Lodge
Kef 05 166
Tim Lodge
Kef 05 167
Tim Lodge
Kef 05 168
Tim Lodge
Crankshaft for Engine No. 040391
Trevor Hill
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017. A view of the two-piston hydraulic pump and reservoir.
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson
Taken at 'The Old Scala Taverana' in Sept. 2017. An excellent view of the single ram upstroking hydraulic press
Kindly supplied by Jon Watson

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The first photos attached were provided by Tim Lodge, who received them some years ago.

The photos were taken by someone whilst on holiday on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

This page was updated in November 2017 with the addition of 8 pics. taken by Jon Watson whilst on holiday in Sept. 2017.

The last pic is a good view of the upstroking hydraulic press, presumably used for pressing grapes or fruit.

Can you identify whether it would be gas or oil driven?

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  • Just read the comment from D Worthington from Bolton who also remembered the plaque I remember on the diesel engine with a lable Fielding of Bolton and this led to another article where someone also mentions this ! So I am still investigating and searching for a photo of that plaque! https://gerryco23.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/the-ruins-of-kefalonia/?unapproved=82829&moderation-hash=e6293aea289e5b10d5c3d91e65395015#comment-82829 He says:”In Old Skala the lives of the inhabitants followed the seasons and the rhythms of planting, tending and harvesting on the land. Rusting away in the undergrowth is an old olive press, once powered by a diesel engine made, according to the label, in Bolton by the firm of R Fielding.” Intriguing!!

    Ed; Barbara, thanks for your additional comment, the plot thickens! Hopefully we will get to the bottom of it some day. John B

    By Barbara Vosnakis (03/06/2020)
  • I have also seen this engine clearly marked Fieldings of Bolton. I have lived in Bolton all my life, 70+ years but can find no record of them.
    Ed: It is most interesting that you are not the only person who has mentioned a ‘R Fielding’ in connection with this engine. There is no evidence from either the Fielding family tree of a R Fielding, nor have any records emerged to support any activity of an individual or the company in Bolton. The mystery goes on, but we hope that it will be solved in our lifetime! Many thanks for your contribution, most appreciated. John B

    By D Worthington (18/03/2020)
  • Hi! I am very interested in this old diesel engine as I have lived in Scala, Kefalonia, for 25 years where it is located. Many years ago it definitely had a plaque on it which said made by R. Fielding, Bolton. However this old plaque has now rusted away and I cannot find any record that Fielding manufactured in Bolton. I grew up in Bolton and would love to be able to prove to those who do not believe it that this engine was made there! Can anyone help?! Thanks

    Ed: Barbara, many thanks for your interest. I cannot comment on the plaque you describe as it is the first I have heard of it, however, should you care to read through the comments submitted by others at the bottom of this page we believe that we have already established the serial number of the engine and its approximate date of manufacture, the location of which was almost certainly Gloucester at that time. For the record, Fielding & Platt’s only ever manufacturing facility was Gloucester. The engine business was sold to Petter’s prior to the commencement of World War II, however this engine pre-dates that event. John B

    By Barbara Vosnakis (20/04/2019)
  • I am able to confirm that the engine was indeed built in 1936, because I have found the detail drawing for a crankshaft fitted to engine number 040391 and this is dated February 1937.

    Ed:  Trevor, many thanks for your research.  I have added your photo of the crankshaft and amended some text.  If you are able to supply a better quality photo of the crank with all the dimensions showing, I will replace gladly.   John B   

    By Trevor Hill (21/11/2016)
  • As far as I can tell the date of manufacture is circa 1936, but I will have a search and see if the serial number shows up on the detail drawings some where.

    By Trevor Hill (20/11/2016)
  • In the last few days I have been in touch with a man who was able to provide me with some more information on this engine.

    The serial number is 040310

    It produces 22Bhp at 380rpm and the bore would be 8″ and the stroke 14″.

    Ed: Well researched Trevor!  Now you have the serial no. can you put a date/year on the likely manufacture?  John B

    By Trevor Hill (19/11/2016)
  • The engine is located in Old Skala on the south coast of Kefalonia, it is about a mile inland from the resort of Skala.The village Old Skala was destroyed in the major earthquake which devastated Kefalonia in 1953 so the villagers abandoned it relocating nearer the coast. The engine was used as to power the olive press which is amazingly all still in situ. To see some pictures just put Old Skala in the Flickr search engine. 

    By John Stein (28/09/2014)
  • Hi John! The engine was built post 1936 as the sideshaft of the design shown was introduced in November1936. The model of engine is I believe “NS” but what the letters mean I have yet to find out. I wonder if it refers to New Style because the engine is a Cold Start engine and the serial number range is the same as the “CS” Can anyone give any information?

    By Trevor Hill (11/11/2013)

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