Fielding 95 BHP Oil Engine Nameplate, Serial No. 020027

From Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Ian Kinzie wrote to us recently attaching a pic of this attractive nameplate, Serial No. 020027, of a Fielding 95 BHP Oil Engine, requesting further information.  Regrettably, he doesn’t have the engine to go with it!

The year of manufacture is mid 1928, the bore 15 1/2″ dia. x 24″ stroke, the flywheel approx. 8′ dia. x 15″ wide and the crankshaft and flywheel would weigh approx. 7.6 tons.

The engine would be a Cold Breach type, meaning that it is equipped with a water-cooled breach and indirect injection requiring the hot tube to be heated red hot to aid starting.  The second and third pics are typical examples of a similar sized engine.

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Fielding Oil Engine, Serial No. 020027
Kindly supplied by Ian Kinzie.
Typical 95 HP Cold Breech Engine
Typical 95 HP Cold Breech Engine

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