Single Cylinder Vertical Oil Engine, c.1935

Order for Standard Olympia, c.1935

Gloucestershire Archives

Possibly 5 1/2″ dia piston x 7″ stroke.

The photograph illustrated was recovered from a poor-quality glass negative, digitally converted and enhanced.

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  • Hi Trevor!  I am sure that this type of engine would be an ideal case for restoration.  Let us hope that this page may help stimulate the whereabouts of other vertical engines made by F & P.  John B


    By John Bancroft (05/07/2015)
  • John, during the past 30 years of putting the engine register together I have not heard of one vertical oil engine, but I don’t believe that none are in existance.

    This would be an ideal size of engine for restoration.

    By Trevor Hill (29/06/2015)

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