Fielding & Platt Petrol Engine, Brisbane, Australia

5 HP, horizontal, open-crank, petrol-fuelled engine, with a flick-type magneto for high-tension ignition

These eleven photos have been forwarded to the Archives in December 2014.

In the owner’s words: –

 I am in the process of restoring the engine, but this is mostly just the understandable wear and tear of a working engine, rather than the horrific ‘basket cases’ that sometimes confront us antique machinery restorers.  This one is now back to running condition  – and a very nicely running engine it is.  A credit to the blokes who made it.


As can be seen from the last photograph the engine number is 4224.

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  • Hi Trevor!   Thanks for posting a quick response to this new addition. I expect that the owner will be in touch with you once the festive season is over.

    I am sure that both of you will wish to continue to share with us some of your deliberations and conclusions as they evolve.  John B 

    By John Bancroft (24/12/2014)
  • Whilst I have been putting together the register of Fielding Engines I have come across a number of engines in the Queensland area of Australia which were originally built as gas engines and were converted to run on petrol because of the lack of availabity of gas.

    I have yet to find a horizontal which has the makers plate marked as a petrol engine.

    I wonder if the agents in Australia did the conversion for the customer because usually the engine is fitted with a Lukenhiemer suction unit to control the mixture of the fuel.

    The only Fielding Petrol engines that I have come across are vertical engines 4″ bore x 6″ stroke, one of which I own.

    I have on record engine number 4220 but this is an oil engine which would have been produced later than 4224 as a gas engine.

    I would be pleased if the owner could contact me direct in order to try and sort out further information.

    By Trevor Hill (23/12/2014)

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