Notable Orders: 1960s

Mainly hydraulic presses for the metal forming industries

This page contains a précis of notable orders taken by the company and the machinery they produced for those orders. If you (or someone you knew) worked on any of the machines noted here, please leave your memories of your (or their) part in the completion of that order by Adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryValue (£)Order No.Source
01/08/(1961)1000 ton Vertical Pull-Down Piercing press, 400 ton Pull-Down Drawing press, Accumulators, Pumps and AncilliariesR.O.F. Birtley, Co. DurhamUK500,00059330-59490D7338/10/6/6
27/07/(1959)1500 ton Two-Column Pull-Down pressDaniel DoncasterUK100,00059570D7338/10/6/6
20/07/1960500 ton Hypactor pressAluminium MenzikenSwitzerland90,00060350D7338/10/6/6
15/05/19611500 ton Aluminium Extrusion pressAluminium MenzikenSwitzerland90,00060360D7338/10/6/6
31/01/19611200 ton Aluminium Plate Stretching m/cJames Booth, BirminghamUK116,00060750D7338/10/6/6
03/05/19613500 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressHenry Wiggin, HerefordUK235,00061360D7338/10/6/6
28/06/19613000 ton Vertical Forging/Extrusion press & EquipmentHindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL), BangaloreIndia143,00061370D7338/10/6/6
11/05/19623900 ton Aluminium Plate Stretching m/cC.E.G.E.D.U.R.France335,00062020D7338/10/6/6
03/05/19621750 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for brassMcKechnie Bros.South Africa107,00062220D7338/10/6/7
15/10/19633300 ton Single Daylight Platen press,

9000 ton Multi-Daylight Platen press

B S & W WhiteleyUK265,00063160



18/06/19631790 US ton Horizontal Extrusion press & Equipment, for aluminiumIndependant Aluminium Extruders (INDALEX) CheltenhamUK65,00063230D7338/10/6/7
16/10/19633500 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, Accumulator & Pumps, for copper tubeYorkshire Imperial Metals (YIM), Kirkby, LiverpoolUK310,00063360D7338/10/6/7
26/11/19631500 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for copperWednesbury Tube, BilstonUK121,00063370D7338/10/6/7
06/09/1963600 ton ‘Fittings’ pressYorkshire Imperial Metals, LeedsUK22,14563440D7338/10/6/7
21/11/1963600 ton ‘Fittings’ pressYorkshire Imperial Metals, LeedsUK22,29563600D7338/10/6/7
08/06/1964700 ton ‘Fittings’ pressYorkshire Imperial Metals, LeedsUK33,83063690D7338/10/6/7
22/01/19641128 ton Shear, for scrap metalBirds, SwanseaUK69,00064040D7338/10/6/7
06/04/19642500 ton Heading & Indenting pressMachine Tools, (for O.F.Katni)India61,00064230D7338/10/6/7
20/05/19642750 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumAlcan Industries, RogerstoneUK101,00064370D7338/10/6/7
01/10/19642750 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumHigh Duty Alloys, WorkingtonUK180,00064530D7338/10/6/7
12/07/19641600 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumComalco, PerthAustralia70,00064550D7338/10/6/7
06/10/19642500 ton horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumE & E Kaye, EnfieldUK100,00064560D7338/10/6/7
27/11/19641220D DynapakDavid Brown (for Madrid)Spain38,00064820D7338/10/6/7
09/06/19652500 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for copperEnfield Rolling Mills, EnfieldUK175,00065240D7338/10/6/7
27/05/19651600 ton horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumAluminium Extrusions, MelbourneAustralia67,00065300D7338/10/6/7
09/08/196520 – H3 Hydraulic PumpsCameron Iron Works, LivingstoneUK53,00065420D7338/10/6/7
12/08/19652000 ton Closed Die Forging pressCameron Iron Works, LivingstoneUK61,00065430D7338/10/6/7
10/08/196550 gal Accumulator  and H3 PumpsCameron Iron Works, LivingstoneUK40,00065440D7338/10/6/7
09/12/19656100 ton Platen pressPermali, GloucesterUK53,00065470D7338/10/6/7
04/03/19661600/80 ton Hydrostatic Extrusion pressUnited Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), SpringfieldUK120,00065630D7338/10/6/7
26/05/19661000 ton Downstroking Wheel Contracting & Sizing pressJoseph Sankey & SonsUK58,00066210D7338/10/6/7
14/10/19661600 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumComalco, Perth QueenslandAustralia76,00066230D7338/10/6/7
03/08/19666900 short ton Multi-Daylight Platen pressDomtar (Arborite), North ShieldsUK250,00066320D7338/10/6/7
25/10/19661220D DynapakGKN, GarringtonUK42,00066430D7338/10/6/7
20/03/19671600 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumE & E Kaye, EnfieldUK70,00067170D7338/10/6/7
25/08/19671600 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumHigh Duty Alloys, WorkingtonUK110,00067190D7338/10/6/7
22/11/19671220D DynapakStein & RoubaixFrance44,00067560D7338/10/6/7
17/11/19673000 ton Closed Die Forging press, Accumulator & H3 PumpsBarr Thompson, KilmarnockUK120,00067710D7338/10/6/7
27/02/1968Single mould Slab pressAdamant Stone, AberdeenUK9,000K70590D7338/10/6/7
17/06/19681900 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumRTZ Metals, WidnesUK133,000E70700D7338/10/6/7
09/08/19682000 tonne Extrusion press, for aluminiumI/S Aluminium Profiler, RaufossNorway135,542E71850D7338/10/6/8
21/02/19692 – Single Daylight Platen pressesDavey Company, New JerseyUSA199,400L73490D7338/10/6/8
25/03/19692 – 2750 ton Carbon Anode pressesTaywood Wrightson, for InvergordonUK240,733V73950D7338/10/6/8
19/06/19691600 ton Extrusion plant, for aluminiumSvenska MetalverkenSweden171,762E74280D7338/10/6/8
14/10/1969850 ton Vertical Pierce press, for ‘A’ Mill.

150 ton Push Bench.

Oil Hydraulic System

Chesterfield CylindersUK241,944X74170



31/07/1969600 ton ‘Fittings’ press‘Meteor’, RhoneFrance30,650E75210D7338/10/6/8
17/12/19697 – Single mould presses & toolingTaylor Woodrow, LondonRomania106,355K75680D7338/10/6/8


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