Notable Orders: 1880s

A selection of orders received during the company's infancy.

Our sincere thanks go to volunteer Jeff Hogg, who has copied over 1500 orders to an Excel spreadsheet, taking some 15 months in the process!

This page contains a précis of some of the more interesting orders received by the company during this period, the clients and equipment supplied.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryOrder No.Source
04/03/1880Swing Bridge over LockSharpness New Docks & Birmingham Navigation Co.UKD7338/10/1/2
24/08/1883One Patent Flanger (No.15), One pair of pumps.Jill & WhiteUK877D7338/10/1/4
29/08/1883One Patent Rivetter (No.16), One FHD Rivetter.The Risdon Iron Co.San Francisco878D7338/10/1/4
19/11/1883Patent Flanger 4′ x 4′; Pumps 1 3/4″ x 5″; Accumulator 8″ x 14′; One 3 tons Flanger Crane.J & W Beardmore, Parkhead Iron & Steel Works, GlasgowUK932/3/4/5D7338/10/1/4
05/02/1884Two Rivetters 8″ x 25 tons; Two FHD Rivetter 4″ x 20 tons.Oudh & Rohilkhand Rly Co.India963D7338/10/1/4
05/02/1884Two Rivetters 30″ x 25 tons.Oudh & Rohilkhand Rly Co.India964D7338/10/1/4
05/02/1884Four Hangers for existing 54″ RivettersOudh & Rohilkhand Rly Co.India965D7338/10/1/4
05/02/1884Two Rivet FurnacesOudh & Rohilkhand Rly Co.India966D7338/10/1/4
00/03/1884One ‘Atlas’ Fixed RivetterRobey & Co., LincolnUK984D7338/10/1/4
28/04/1884Alterations at Mr Platt’s houseMr Platt (presumably!)UK995D7338/10/1/4
06/05/1884One ‘Atlas’ Fixed Rivetter; Pumps 2″ x 5″; One Accumulator 5″ x 8′.The Morgan Engineering Co., Douglas.UK996D7338/10/1/4
09/05/1884One Fixed Rivetter 6″ x 35 tons; One FHD Portable Rivetter 4″ x 30 tons; Pair Pumps 2″ x 5″; One Accumulator 8″ x 14′.South Eastern Railway Co., Ashford.UK998D7338/10/1/4
22/12/1884One Portable Rivetter Class ‘H’ 54″ x 20 tons, with hanger.North Eastern Rly Co.UK1143D7338/10/1/4
25/02/1885One ‘Tweddell’s Patent Plate Closing & Double Powered Rivetter of 100 tons ‘Atlas’ Type.Alex Stephens & Son, Linhouse, Glasgow.UK1144D733810/1/4
25/02/1885One ‘Tweddell’s Patent Flanger 4′ gap x 4’ opening.Alex Stephens & Son, Linhouse, Glasgow.UK1145D7338/10/1/4
28/02/1885Forging Press, 24″ dia. ram x 36″ stroke.Clarke’s Crank Co. Ltd., LincolnUK1149D7338/10/1/4
28/02/1885Accumulator 9″ dia. ram x 15″ stroke to work at 2240 psi.Clarke’s Crank Co. Ltd., LincolnUK1151D7338/10/1/4
07/05/1885One pair Compound High Pressure Duplex Steam Pumping Engines generally to F & P tracings. HP cyl. 12″ x 12″ stroke, LP cyl 20″ x 12″ stroke, steam jacketed pumps 3″ dia. x 12″ stroke to pump at 1500 psi, steam at 70 psi.Jos L Thompson & Sons.UK 1195D7338/10/1/4
22/06/1885One Stationary Rivetter ‘Atlas’ type having 7′ 6″ gap, two pressures, 40 tons on rivet, 30 tons on plate closure giving 70 tons on rivet if desired, with cast steel hob, patent plate closing arrangement, working at 1500 psiWallsend Slipway & Engineering Co., Wallsend.UK1218D7338/10/1/4
12/08/1885One ‘Atlas’ type Stationary Rivetter, double powers 40 and 20 tons (40 tons max), hob plate closer having 6′ gap and cast steel hob.Vulcan & Co., Stettin.UK1242D7338/10/1/4
12/08/1885One ‘Atlas’ Stationary Rivetter, 10′ 6″ Gap x 100 tons max. (60 and 40 tons) with plate closure and cast steel hob.Vulcan & Co., Stettin.UK1243D7338/10/1/4
12/08/1885One FHD Portable Rivetter, 6″ Gap, double power 40 & 20 tons (max. 60 tons) with plate closer.Vulcan & Co., Stettin.UK1244D7338/10/1/4
12/08/1885One FHD Rivetter, 4″ x 30 tons, Locomotive type; one Standard Wall Crane for riveter.Vulcan & Co., StettinUK1248D7338/10/1/4
08/09/1885One ‘Atlas’ Fixed Rivetter, 7′ Gap x 150 tons max., two powers 90 and 60 tons, patent plate closer and cast steel hob.A. Wadham for Otterman Govt.Foreignfrom 1181D7338/10/1/4
19/10/1885One Tyre Expanding Press to expand steel tyres with a sectional area of 12 sq. in. by hydraulic pressure 1600 psi.Monk Bridge Iron Co., Leeds.UK1293D7338/10/1/4
17/10/1885One Double Ended Class ‘C’ Portable Rivetter 13″ & 27″, open out to 18″ with lifting tackle for above.Heenan & FroudeUK1294D7338/10/1/4
17/10/1885One Accumulator 8″ x 14′, to work at 1500 psi, tested to 3500 psi, complete with deflecting valve, automatic gear and safety gear.Heenan & FroudeUKtaken from stock 1216D7338/10/1/4
00/02/1886One Armstrong Accumulator 16″ x 18′ stroke to give 700 psi, complete with knock off gear, deflecting valve and stop valves.Lancashire & Yorkshire Rly.UK1351D7338/10/1/4
17/02/1886One Fielding Patent High Speed 3 Cylinder Engine, ‘G’ type, capable of exerting 7 HP at 1000 rpm and 100 psi steam boiler pressure.Siemens Bros. & Co. London (thro purchasing arm?)Foreign1357D7338/10/1/4
15/06/1886One Portable Rivetter, Class ‘H’ with a special arm cast of a suitable shape to rivet torpedo cases 4′ 6″ gap.H Alviens & Co. (for delivery to Yokohama, Japan)Foreign1418D7338/10/1/4
14/07/1886One ‘Atlas’ Stationary Rivetter for Locomotive work to your tracing, 6″ Gap, 35 tons, min. 15 tons, cast steel hob.New Zealand Govt.New Zealand1436D7338/10/1/4
29/10/1886New Firebox to 5HP Portable Engine.Lister & Co. DursleyUK1492D7338/10/1/4
27/10/1886Additional Gear to Coal Tip at Sharpness Docks.Severn & Wye & Severn Bridge RailwayUK1502D7338/10/1/4
22/11/1886Hydraulic Forging & Stamping Press for making links, etc., Vertical ram 15″ dia., Horizontal ram 11″ dia., low pressure 750 psi.Midland Railway Carriage & Wagon Co., DerbyUK1509D7338/10/1/4
27/11/1886Accumulator 9 1/2″ dia x 10′ stroke, to work at 600 psi with 3′ 10″ dia. weights.Great Northern Rly. Co. Ltd.UK1512D7338/10/1/4
13/12/1886Patent Hydraulic Rivetter having a gap of 8′ max. pressure 100 tons, min, 40 tons, with Patent plate closing apparatus, cast iron hob with hob to clear 3′ 6″ dia., to work at pressure of 1500 psi.Robert Stevenson & Co.UK1527D7338/10/1/4
21/02/1887Portable Rivetter 4′ 6″ Gap x 15″ Opening x 20 tons, for Tender PilotsLancashire & Yorkshire Railway, HorwichUKfrom 1516D7338/10/1/4
22/02/1887One 8 HP Engine with Winding Drum, taken on hire purchase at £1-10s per week, paid for in coal or cash. Price of coal at 3s 5d per ton. Price of Engine & Drum at £135James Rosser, Edenwall, West Coleford.UKD7338/10/1/4
20/06/1887Piedbouef Flanging Press for plates 8′ 6″ x 1″ thick  Main ram 16″ dia. x 36″ bushed with gunmetal, 4 vice rams 6″ dia. x 24″ stroke.Grand Trunk Rly.Canada?1662D7338/10/1/4
08/08/1887One Patent Flanger 4′ Gap x 5′ opening, 150 tons for 1 9/16″ plates, additional vertical ram in bed, and casting attached to sole plate to give centre when flanging Boiler Ends.Harland & WolffeUK1684D7338/10/1/4
08/08/1887One set Fielding Patent Duplex Pumps, Direct Acting, Cylinders for 50 lbs steam, 8″ dia. 15″ strokes x 2 3/4″ dia.Harland & Wolffe UK 1685D7338/10/1/4
00/01/1888Two Fielding Rivetters 15″ x 12″ x 20 tons Two Fielding Rivetters 18″ x 12″ x 20 tons One Fielding Rivetter 24″ x 12.5″ x 20 tons One Fielding Rivetter 36″ x 15″ x 20 tons all with compound hangers, plus pumps and 5″ x 8′ 0″weight case accumulatorTakata, for delivery to Yokohama Japanfrom 1714 stock orderD7338/10/1/4
00/01/1888Fielding High Speed Engine, for exhibition in the Machinery & Inventions Div. of the Science Museum, South KensingtonMr A J R TrendellUK1804D7338/10/1/4
09/01/1888One – Accumulator 5″ dia. x 8′ stroke with deflecting valve and C.I. weights to create 2 ton/ W.P.Linoleum Manufacturing Co.  Staines, MiddlesexUKD7338/10/1/4
13/03/1888One – Hydraulic (Platen) Press 25″ dia. ram x 3″ stroke to work at 2 tons/ Manufacturing Co.  Staines, MiddlesexUKD7338/10/1/4
07/03/1888Two – Hydraulic (Platen) Press 25″ dia. ram x 3″ stroke to work at 2 tons/ Manufacturing Co.  Staines, MiddlesexUKD7338/10/1/4
06/04/1888Compound Duplex Engine capable of pumping 20,880 gal/hour against a head of 231 feet with a steam pressure of 80/100 psi. Pump 8″ dia. x 15″ stroke.London & North Western Railway, CreweUK1859D7338/10/1/4
20/04/1888Five Duplex Pumps, cylinders 10″ dia. pumps 5 1/2″ dia. x 10″ stroke.Secretary of State for India, for Randakar RailwayIndia1877D7338/10/1/4
16/05/1888Two Portable Rivetters with 18″ gap x 30 tons, with Compound Hanger.Morgan Engineering Co. Alliance, Ohio, for Brooklyn Naval Yard, New York.USAfrom 1911 stock orderD7338/10/1/5
16/05/1888One Portable Rivetter with 24″ gap x 30 tons, with Compound Hanger.Morgan Engineering Co. Alliance, Ohio, for Brooklyn Naval Yard, New York.USAfrom 1912 stock orderD7338/10/1/5
16/05/1888Two Portable Rivetters with 36″ gap x 30 tons, with Compound HangerMorgan Engineering Co. Alliance, Ohio, for Brooklyn Navy Yard, New YorkUSAfrom 1913  stock orderD7338/10/1/5
00/09/1888One Portable Rivetter 24″ gap x 15″ opening x 20 tons with Compound Hanger. M Eiffel, for delivery to Nantes for trials prior to shipment to Panama.Francefrom 1979D7338/10/1/5
00/09/1888One Portable Rivetter 12″ gap x 13″ opening x 20 tons with compound hanger.  M Eiffel, for delivery to Nantes for trials prior to shipment to Panama.France1813D7338/10/1/5
00/09/1888One cold Plate Bender to bend plates cold 10′ 6″ x 1 1/2″ thick  (plus many other related orders)Dantzig shipyardPolandfrom 2014D7338/10/1/5
06/12/1888Travelling Plant to carry 54″ rivetter with gauge of 4′ 8 1/2″ with shaft lengthened to receive extra wheels outside 4′ 8 1/2″ gauge. (plus many other related equipment orders to repair railway engines)Ottoman Railway (Smyrna to Aidin)Ottoman Empire (Turkey) from 2014D7338/10/1/5
07/12/1888One hydraulic Garboard Bender (plus many other related shipyard equipment orders)Rivas & Palmer (for Bilbao shipyard)Spain2097D7338/10/1/5
21/01/1889Hire of 18 HP Engine for 3 months at £3-10s-0d per week. Note: 10/- week allowed (as per letter of Jan 14th) for two months on the understanding that the engine is used only 2 days per weekFrederick Kilby, PenarthUK(no order number)D7338/10/1/5
26/03/1889One 80 tons hydraulic Wheel & Axle pressMidland Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. BirminghamUK2179D7338/10/1/5
00/04/1889Capstan for hauling coal trucks up St. Luke’s street.Fielding & PlattUKD7338/10/1/5
30/04/18898 HP Portable Engine to be thoroughly overhauled and tested to stand a working pressure of 60 psi.  The money to be taken out in coal. Messrs. Hempidge & Co. will fit reversing gear to the above. £65 less 5% d/d LydneyHolmes Bros. & Co. Pillowell & Nags Head Collieries, W. LydneyUK(no order number)D7338/10/1/5
20/05/1889One hydraulic 5 tons  or 10 tons Lifting Crane to work in conjunction with a stationary Rivetter, (see details)Grand Trunk Railway, MontrealCanada2200D7338/10/1/5
03/08/1889Various Hydraulic Shears, vertical and horizontal Punching machines, fixed Rivetters and Swinging CranesMorgan Engineering Co. Alliance, OhioFor the Pennsylvania Rly. Co. Altoona, Pa. (new shops)2277-2297D7338/10/1/5
01/09/1889One four column Hydraulic Press capable of bending the plates round the stern tubes of ships, as per your tracing No. 733/89. Columns to be 5′ 6″ apart and bend plates 1/2″ thick hot. To be fitted with stop valve at ground level and in accordance with your tenders of July 10th & 16th. Rams 12″ dia.Royal Spanish Naval CommissionFor Cadiz2312D7338/10/1/5
06/09/1889Apparatus for lifting sunken vessels by means of 4 hydraulic lifting jacks (40 tons each) as shown on tracing “Fig. 2”Sharpness New Docks and G & B N Co.Eng. office, Saul House, Stonehouse2334D7338/10/1/5
23/09/188912 HP Semi-Portable (by Reading Iron Works) double cylinder 8 1/2″ dia. x 12″ stroke. One hire at £1-10s-0 per week , which will go towards purchaseThe Staffordshire Water & Gas Co. Ltd.10 Moorgate, EC. London(no order number)D7338/10/1/5
30/10/1889One tank or tender Rivetter with special hanger as supplied to North Eastern Rly. Co. 54″ x 16″ x 20 tonsRobert Stevenson & Co. Ltd.UK2350D7338/10/1/5
05/11/1889Flywheel 14′ dia. x 12″ wide weighing about 10 tons. Wheel to be solid with split boss and to have two wrought iron rings shrunk on bossMessrs. T & W SummersGloucester2357D7338/10/1/5
28/11/1889One hydraulic Flanger Crane to lift 3 tons 4′ high at a working pressure of 1500 psi to have a rake of 23′ 0″ from the wall to the extreme position of crane. Crane to be of the tie rod typeFawcett Preston & Co.UK2375D7338/10/1/5


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