3500 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press, views taken on site during commissioning, O/No. 63360, c.1964

Order 63360 for Yorkshire Imperial Metals, Liverpool, c.1964

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  • Hi Jim!  You are correct. I remember the first-time site erection of this press as it was my first trip away for the company, probably in 1964. I was an apprentice working in the electrical dept. at the time under Ron Curtis and I was tasked with installing and wiring up the cartridge-type container heating elements. I recall being driven to Kirkby, Liverpool by Brian Simpkins in his sports car and being put up at the the YMCA, with Joe Pinkney. It was winter, snow on the ground, bitterly cold, as cold inside the digs as outside! I recall driving Joe about in one of the Fielding minivans. We had a site hut adjacent to the factory. Morning, first thing was organising bacon butties for everyone. Long hours, probably to 8pm, lots of noise (no ear protectors in those days!) as there were other machines and drawbenches adjacent to the new press. Back to digs at night, clean up and change, drive to a pub down East Lancs road, food and beer and repeat the same next day. I was only there for about a week but it was an interesting experience for a youngster, which is probably why I recall it so clearly! I seem to remember I came back on the train. Bob Phelps was in charge and Vic and Joe were there throughout the build. There were also people from the pipe shop, inspection and other fitters as it was a very big job. Maybe someone else can remember some of the names of people who worked on the job?

    These photos must have been taken during the commissioning phase.  John B

    By John Bancroft (09/02/2014)
  • Looks to me like Vic Holtham from Hyd 1 testing out this extruder.

    By Jim Rigby (08/02/2014)

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