Notable Orders: 1950s

Hydraulic presses for metal forming and some 'specials'

This page contains a précis of notable orders taken by the company and the machinery they produced for those orders. If you (or someone you knew) worked on any of the machines noted here, please leave your memories of your (or their) part in the completion of that order by Adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryValue (£)Order No.Source
16/01/195010 – 350 ton Joggling pressesRussian Trade DelegationRussia112,0006486D7338/10/6/4
16/01/19505 – 500 ton Joggling pressesRussian Trade DelegationRussia93,2506487D7338/10/6/4
16/01/19503 – 750 ton Joggling pressesRussian Trade DelegationRussia94,9506488D7338/10/6/4
09/03/1950220 gal Air Hydraulic AccumulatorTATAIndia24,2116524D7338/10/6/4
04/04/19501000 ton ‘Serck’ Vertical Extrusion pressWednesbury Tube, BilstonUK22,3816547D7338/10/6/4
22/09/19503600 ton Lead Sheathing pressHackbridge CablesUK83,4606570D7338/10/6/4
16/02/19513000 ton Forging pressCommonwealth of AustraliaAustralia70,2256810D7338/10/6/4
15/10/1951650 ton Stretching & Detwisting m/cCommonwealth of AustraliaAustralia69,8353340D7338/10/6/5
15/11/19512 – 2400 ton ‘Sindanyo’ pressesTurners Asbestos, Trafford parkUK48,6003370D7338/10/6/5
08/02/19522000/500 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumCommissioner for PakistanPakistan103,8233770D7338/10/6/5
11/04/19522000 ton Flanging pressBabcock & Wilcox, RenfrewUK89,6153920D7338/10/6/5
21/04/19522000 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for aluminiumIndia Store (for Ambarnath)India66,0004040D7338/10/6/5
04/06/1952180 ton Wheel Testing MachineGoodyear Tyre & Rubber Co.UK16,3064070D7338/10/6/5
09/10/19523000 ton Horizontal Extrusion press, for brassMcKechnie Metals, WalsallUK109,2584270D7338/10/6/5
20/12/1952600 ton ‘Fittings’ press Yorkshire Copper Works, LeedsUK14,2754390D7338/10/6/5
08/04/19532500/500 ton Extrusion pressICI, LiverpoolUK70,6804580D7338/10/6/5
05/01/19541500 ton Hypactor pressCrittal Luxfor, NottinghamUK110,0005100D7338/10/6/5
07/01/19542000/500 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressYorkshire Copper, LeedsUK85,0005130D7338/10/6/5
22/02/19545 – 500 ton Straightening  pressesRussian Trade DelegationRussia56,5685250D7338/10/6/5
24/05/195415 – 350 ton Joggling pressesStankoimportRussia185,0085430D7338/10/6/5
24/05/19543 – 600 ton Forging pressesStankoimportRussia71,3645440D7338/10/6/5
25/05/19543 – 800 ton Joggling pressesStankoimportRussia86,4355460D7338/10/6/5
08/07/19548 – 500 ton Joggling pressesStankoimportRussia178,4075560D7338/10/6/5
23/07/195493 – Veneer pressesTechnopromimportRussia430,1255590D7338/10/6/5
26/07/19547 – 750 ton Joggling pressesStankoimportRussia261,9875600D7338/10/6/5
26/07/19542 – 985 ton Flanging pressesStankoimportRussia71,7965610D7338/10/6/5
19/05/19554500 ton Flanging & Dishing pressWhessoe, DarlingtonUKN/A6260D7338/10/6/5
11/07/19552500 ton Metal Powder Compaction pressICI, Witton, BirminghamUK39,5306020D7338/10/6/5
23/06/195527/360/480 ton Baling pressColvilles, (for Lanarkshire Steel)UK87,3106330D7338/10/6/5
24/10/19551800 ton Carbon Extrusion pressBritish Acheson ElectrodesUK86,4856700/55D7338/10/6/5
15/02/1956500 ton Hypactor pressBritish Aluminium, WarringtonUK55,60056120D7338/10/6/5
26/03/19574000 ton Aluminium Plate Stretching m/cJames Booth, BirminghamUK185,00057180D7338/10/6/6
09/07/19571000 ton ‘Serck’ Vertical Extrusion pressTonks, BirminghamUK30,00057390D7338/10/6/6
01/08/19579 – 900 ton Platen pressesDe La RueUK270,15057450D7338/10/6/6
12/09/19573000 ton Vertical Plate Bending pressInternational Combustion, DerbyUK40,00057560D7338/10/6/6
12/09/19572000 ton Pulldown Dishing & Flanging pressInternational Combustion, DerbyUK79,00057570D7338/10/6/6
12/09/19573000 ton Vertical Plate Bending pressInternational Combustion, DerbyUK87,00057580D7338/10/6/6
03/10/1957600 ton ‘Fittings’ pressYorkshire Fittings (Australia) Pty, SydneyAustralia20,30957650D7338/10/6/6
07/11/19571200 ton Flanging pressHead WrightsonUK65,78057700D7338/10/6/6
17/06/19581000 ton Punching press & 2000 ton Wheel Dishing press & EquipmentDavy United, Sheffield (for Durgapur Steel Works)India180,00057720-50D7338/10/6/6
15/04/19581000 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressMcKechnie Bros, WalsallUK53,00058090D7338/10/6/6
28/04/19582 – H15 Hydraulic PumpsChesterfield Cylinders, DerbyUK35,72058130D7338/10/6/6
03/12/1958Bêche DGH13H Counterblow HammerBurton GriffithsUK35,30058520D7338/10/6/6
01/04/19591000 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressImperial Chemical  Industries (ICI), Witton, BirminghamUK55,00059160D7338/10/6/6
04/06/1959Bêche DGH50H Counterblow HammerBurton GriffithsUK115,00059300D7338/10/6/6


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