Notable Orders: 1980s.

Fielding presses, refurbishments & conversions.

This page contains a précis of notable orders taken by the company and the machinery they produced for those orders. If you (or someone you knew) worked on any of the machines noted here, please leave your memories of your (or their) part in the completion of that order by Adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryValue (£)Order No.Source
04/01/1980Refurb. 4000 ton Plate Stretching m/cAlcan Plate, BirminghamUK391,000T97250D7338/10/6/9
04/03/1980120 ton DDI press & toolingPemall Fire Extinguisher, OntarioCanada186,000D97400D7338/10/6/9
09/04/1980120 ton DDI press & toolingAlpha IngenieraMexico333,000D97720D7338/10/6/9
23/10/198014 – 204 Press assembliesMichelin Tyre, Stoke-on-TrentUK339,311G97880D7338/10/6/9
24/07/19805 – Hydraulic cylinders, hydraulics and pipingDistington Engineering, for Port TalbotUK318,056A97900D7338/10/6/9
04/08/198025MN Downstroking pressCarborundum, ManchesterUK425,000X98100D7338/10/6/9
11/02/1981Refurb. 4000 ton Plate Stretching m/cAlcan Plate, BirminghamUK180,000T60440D7338/10/6/9
14/04/198115MN Forging pressHigh Duty Alloys, BirminghamUK563,039F60620D7338/10/6/9
08/06/1981Single Mould Slab press & toolingQuatar Construction & DevelopmentQuatar134,450K60820D7338/10/6/9
01/07/1981Superplastic Forming/Diffusion Bonding press(SPF/DB)British AerospaceUK199,911X60860D7338/10/6/9
02/09/19812.5MN DDI Press & ToolingSteel Cylinder Mfg. Tilbury, OntarioCanada817,875D60920D7338/10/6/9
02/10/19814500 ton Plate Stretching m/cTaiwan AluminiumTaiwan2,015,000T60900D7338/10/6/9
20/11/1981Three Mould press, Take- off & toolingBinladin Organisation, SharjahUAE241,422K61140D7338/10/6/9
08/12/1981Single Mould press & Take-offDarwish Engineering, DohaQuatar130,000K61160D7338/10/6/9
12/01/1982Single Mould press & Handy DandyVehicle & Plant, for Spartan TradingQuatar137,720K61260D7338/10/6/9
10/02/1982Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingStocks Bros., LeedsUK152,677K61300D7338/10/6/9
08/03/1982Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingStocks Bros., LeedsUK130,000K61340D7338/10/6/9
06/04/1982Single mould press, Take-off & toolingAl Attiyah Contracting, DohaQuatar162,140K61480D7338/10/6/9
23/06/1982Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingJBK Contracting, DohaQuatar252,657K61580D7338/10/6/9
12/07/1982500 ton Vertical Downstroking Laboratory pressU.K.A.E.A., HarwellUK216,085E61620D7338/10/6/9
04/08/19822 – Single Mould presses, Take-off & toolingThani General Trading, DubaiDubai368,257K61660D7338/10/6/9
07/02/1983Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingBahrain AsphaltBahrain155,365K61760D7338/10/6/9
25/03/19832 – Three Mould presses & toolingKingston MineralsUK231,646K61920D7338/10/6/9
01/06/19832.5MN DDI pressWilhelm SiebelGermany239,262D61980D7338/10/6/9
26/09/1983Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingHolberrow Engineering, for AdenYemen156,661K62020D7338/10/6/9
30/09/1983Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingAssarain ConcreteOman154,829K62040D7338/10/6/9
06/01/1984Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingKhonani InternationalSaudi Arabia203,233K62280D7338/10/6/9
12/01/1984Three Mould press & Take-offStowell ConcreteUK100,000K62300D7338/10/6/9
07/02/19840.75MN DDI press and toolingBacol IndustriesUK160,000D62360D7338/10/6/9
11/04/19841600 ton Extrusion press componentsNitras ExportsIran325,481E62500D7338/10/6/9
16/05/1984Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingNational CementAbu Dhabi265,937K62540D7338/10/6/9
07/06/19844 – Hydraulic Moulding pressesGKN Technologies, for GKN CompositesUK810,000X62600D7338/10/6/9
02/10/1984Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingShanfari & PartnersOman231,378K62760D7338/10/6/9
21/12/1984Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingQuatar BuildingsQuatar142,500K62900D7338/10/6/9
09/01/198516MN Extrusion press, for aluminiumElixir Industries, GeorgiaUSA495,244E62920D7338/10/6/9
14/02/1985Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingKennedy Concrete, ColeraineUK362,202001-63040D7338/10/6/9
11/03/1985Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingGulf TilesUAE140,000001-63060D7338/10/6/9
14/07/1985Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingTracy ConcreteUK123,800001-63120D7338/10/6/9
20/03/1985Three Mould press refurbishmentKennedy ConcreteUK190,000009-63140D7338/10/6/9
17/04/1985Log heater & hot Log ShearElixir Industries, GeorgiaUSA254,000301-63180D7338/10/6/9
17/07/1985Fielding/Tamagawa 40 tonne Powder Compacting pressCSW Engineering, Hemel HempsteadUK72,731612-63340D7338/10/6/9
10/09/1985Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingEltechnaSwitzerland241,724001-63460D7338/10/6/9
24/01/19865MN DDI press & toolingS E IndustriesAustria604,565405-63520D7338/10/6/9
05/03/1986Mason Block m/cThermaliteUK130,519111-64100D7338/10/6/9
22/01/1987Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingBanbury HomesUK150,174001-64340D7338/10/6/9
08/09/1987Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingTrutmanSwitzerland292,277001-64580D7338/10/6/9
17/09/1987Parts for 1000 ton ‘Serck’ Extrusion pressHowell Metals, VirginiaUSA137,467717-64600D7338/10/6/9
26/11/1987Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingConcrete Products, KircaldyUK190,000001-64760D7338/10/6/9
20/02/1988Conversion of 2500 ton Extrusion press to oil hydraulicsSlobodan Penezic-KrcunYugoslavia491,678715-64420D7338/10/6/9
05/05/1988Three Mould press, Take-off & toolingTate Access FloorsUSA275,000001-64930D7338/10/6/9
25/05/1988Resiting & modifying 1070 ton Section StretcherAlcan High Duty Extrusions, WorkingtonUK199,000510-64960D7338/10/6/9
05/07/1988Refurbishing Three mould press & equipmentSobepreFrance155,000001-64990D7338/10/6/9
22/09/1989Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingETS CollotFrance237,440001-65150D7338/10/6/9
15/12/1989Single Mould press, Take-off & toolingJamestown ConstructionUK119,920001-65170D7338/10/6/9


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  • Hi.

    We have the 120 ton DDI Press. but we dont have any information about it.

    we need know

    1.- Characteristics of steel.

    2.- Molds diagrams

    3.- How it work?

    Could you help me with this information?

    I have some picture of the machine and we get to work it, but the cups break.

    By Monica Rdz (06/08/2014)
  • We have a Fielding DDI Press, but we don’t have information about it, I appreciate if somebody can help me with some information about this equipment.

    By francisco guajardo (31/12/2013)
  • Francisco!   Thanks for adding your comment to this page. Please confirm to us that you are referring to the 120 ton DDI Press that was supplied to Alpha Ingeniera, Mexico, around 1980. (Click on the hyperlink on the third item above will take you to the photo supplied to us earlier in 2013). If this is the correct DDI Press then kindly identify what type of information you are seeking?    John B

    By John Bancroft (31/12/2013)
  • Hi Ruben, I’m so pleased you found our site and thank you for adding this comment. If it is the same machine in the Order Spreadsheet above the machine is a 120 ton Deep Drawing and Ironing Press. It would be helpful to have some photographs of it to confirm this, so if you take some and send them to me at

    that would help us to identify it. We could then add the photographs to this website so that people can add information about the press. Look forward to hearing from you.

    By Ollie Taylor (12/07/2013)
  • Recently we found abandoned the machine that your company made for Alpha Ingenieria in México in 1980. The machine is in very good condition, it runs nice. We will appreciate any information about this press and anybody to contact. Now we are trying to sell it, but we do not have idea what was the machine made for.

    By Rubén Adauto (04/07/2013)

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