Notable Orders: 1930s

A large selection of major orders received prior to WW2

This page contains a précis of notable orders taken by the company and the machinery they produced for those orders. If you (or someone you knew) worked on any of the machines noted here, please leave your memories of your (or their) part in the completion of that order by Adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryValue (£)Order No.Source
02/09/1931400 ton Slab press & toolingNottingham CorporationUK6712D7338/10/6/1
25/02/19321000 ton Vertical Extrusion pressThos. Bolton & SonsUK6764D7338/10/6/1
22/03/19321500 ton Treble Action Flanging pressRubery OwenUK6775D7338/10/6/1
07/06/1932D/A Rivetter 5′ gap x 16″ x 50 tonsGWR for WolverhamptonUK6810D7338/10/6/1
03/02/1933Vertical Hydraulic Radiator pressSerck RadiatorsUK6878D7338/10/6/1
03/04/1933600 ton Vertical Extrusion pressManganese Bronze & Brass Co., IpswichUK6896D7338/10/6/1
11/04/1933600 ton Vertical Extrusion pressSerck RadiatorsUK6904D7338/10/6/1
19/05/19332000 ton Cable Extrusion pressMetro Electric Cable & Construction Co.UK6915D7338/10/6/1
06/03/19341000 ton Vertical Extrusion pressSerck RadiatorsUK7082D7338/10/6/1
03/08/1934750 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressImperial Chemical IndustriesUK7181D7338/10/6/1
07/03/19351250 ton Vertical Extrusion pressAston Chain & Hook Co.UK7289D7338/10/6/1
09/04/19351500 ton Vertical Extrusion pressHudson & WrightUK7319D7338/10/6/1
19/08/1935900 ton Lead Pipe pressWalkers Parker & Co.UK7421D7338/10/6/1
23/12/19351000 ton Hydraulic pressSterling Tubes Ltd.UK7475D7338/10/6/1
14/02/19361000 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressFinspong MetalverkSweden7493D7338/10/6/1
13/03/1936600 ton Wheel pressBengal Nagpur railwayIndia7519D7338/10/6/1
30/03/19362000 ton Heading pressVickers ArmstrongUK7535D7338/10/6/1
29/10/19362000 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressReynold TubeUK7726D7338/10/6/1
30/11/19362-‘F’ Rivetters 24′ x 12″ x 8″ ramGWR, SwindonUK7762D7338/10/6/1
16/12/19361000 ton Vertical ‘Serck’ Extrusion pressBirmingham Battery Co.UK7800D7338/10/6/1
16/12/19361000 ton Vertical ‘Serck’ Extrusion pressWednesbury Tube Co.UK7813D7338/10/6/1
17/12/19361000 ton Vertical ‘Serck’ Extrusion pressP H Muntz & Co.UK7820D7338/10/6/1
11/11/19372000 ton Cable Sheathing press Lancashire Cables, WarringtonUK6,7008120D7338/10/6/1
29/11/19376-500 ton Cupping & Drawing pressesICI Metals, for swanseaUK8314D7338/10/6/1
29/11/19377-200 ton Drawing pressesICI Metals, for SwanseaUK8315D7338/10/6/1
29/11/19376-100 ton Drawing pressesICI Metals, for SwanseaUK8316D7338/10/6/1
19/02/1938250 ton Stretching m/cNorthern AluminiumUK8213D733810/6/1
19/03/19382500 ton Heading & Indenting pressWar Office, for WoolwichUK8217D7338/10/6/1
28/06/1938500 ton Vertical ‘Serck’ pressJohnson MattheyUK8294D7338/10/6/1
23/07/1938300 ton Vertical Shell Punching pressWar Office, for WoolwichUK8340D7338/10/6/1
23/07/1938250 ton Horizontal Drawing press War Office, for WoolwichUK8341D7338/10/6/1
23/07/1938350 ton Drawing pressICI Metals, BirminghamUK8347D7338/10/6/1
19/08/19384000 ton Rubber Die pressBristol Aeroplane, BristolUK8352D7338/10/6/2
30/01/1939Quantity 150-200-450 ton Cupping & Drawing pressesAustralian CommonwealthAustralia8468-8478D7338/10/6/2
05/04/193916-125 ton Heading pressesWar OfficeUK8520D7338/10/6/2
01/05/19391500 ton Horizontal Extrusion press for tube.Earle Bourne & Co.UK8526D7338/10/6/2
21/06/19393-500 ton Cupping & Drawing pressesWar Office (for R.O.F. Birtley)UK12,0668577D7338/10/6/2
21/06/19391-500 ton Drawing pressWar OfficeUK4,1228578D7338/10/6/2
21/06/19393-200 ton Drawing pressesWar OfficeUK10,4168579D7338/10/6/2
21/06/19392-100 ton Drawing pressesWar OfficeUK6,8248580D7338/10/6/2
22/07/19393500 ton Aluminium Extrusion pressNorthern Aluminium (for Rogerstone)UK59,2408601D7338/10/6/2
22/07/19391500 ton Aluminium Extrusion pressNorthern Aluminium (for Rogerstone)UK8609D7338/10/6/2
21/10/193913-125 ton Heading pressesWar OfficeUK14,6848703D7338/10/6/2
23/10/19396-500 ton Cupping pressesMinistry of SupplyUK15,6008711D7338/10/6/2
23/10/19397-200 ton Drawing pressesMinistry of SupplyUK14,5328712D7338/10/6/2
23/10/19396-100 ton Drawing pressesMinistry fo SupplyUK11,2008713D7338/10/6/2
23/10/19391500 ton Heading pressMinistry of Supply(for R.O.F. Birtley)UK8723D7338/10/6/2
06/11/19391500 ton Aluminium Extrusion pressNorthern Aluminium,(for Rogerstone)UK9,7208738D7338/10/6/2
12/12/19395000 ton Aluminium Extrusion press with 700 ton piercerNorthern Aluminium,(for Rogerstone)UK62,9158769D8338/10/6/2
29/12/193910-100 ton Heading pressesMinistry of SupplyUK8,2308784D7338/10/6/2


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  • I see that there was an order for a press from Vickers Armstrong in 1936. My father worked for Vickers in Weybridge, Surrey, in the late 1930’s and early 40’s and he told me about a Fielding press that they had there. I have a book about the Royal Air Force from 1941 and there is a page in it advertising Fraser mono-radial pumps and in the picture as well is a Fielding press!

    My father told me he had to do some welding on something that was being pressed at the time, with the press on full load! I have scanned the page and will send it to you so that it can be added to this comment.  Chippy Aston.

    By Graham Aston (09/11/2014)
  • Hi Chippy!  Thank you for sending the page from the Royal Air Force book. By chance, I was looking through the Machinery section and I have identified the photo in the Andrew Fraser advert. I have therefore added a link to your comment above and also added your advert page to the press photo; it should take you to the relevant Machinery section page.  John B  

    By John Bancroft (09/11/2014)

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