1950 ton Horizontal Extrusion Press, views taken at erection and on site, O/No. E71850, c.1969

Order E71850 for I/S Raufoss Aluminiumprofiler, Norway, c.1969

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • Hello! I have got a few things to say about this press. It is still running around the clock today after all this years!!

    It is upgraded to a  2200 ton extrusion press.  

    By p22 opperator (21/06/2016)
  • Wow!  What a testament to the longevity of F & P presses.  Thank you for posting this note.  Long may the press continue in service.  I suppose that it has paid for itself many times over!!  John B [Ed.]

    By John Bancroft (21/06/2016)
  • Hi John!  Roger Goode at the controls, not much more I can add to that.  Chippy Aston

    Ed:  I expect that you may be correct Chippy, however it would be nice if someone else could also corroborate it.  John B  

    By Graham Aston (21/09/2014)

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