Notable Orders: 1940s

A selection of orders received during and post WW2

This page contains a précis of notable orders taken by the company and the machinery they produced for those orders. If you (or someone you knew) worked on any of the machines noted here, please leave your memories of your (or their) part in the completion of that order by Adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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DateDescription of GoodsClientCountryValue (£)Order No.Source
11/06/19403000 ton Heading pressAustralian CommonwealthAustralia15,0008938D7338/10/6/2
18/10/194011 – 200 ton Heading presses. (10 for 5.5″ 1 for 6″ shells)Ministry of SupplyUK9097D7338/10/6/2
26/11/1940 2 – 200 ton Heading presses (for 5.5″ chemical shells)Ministry of SupplyUK9150D7338/10/6/2
27/11/194030 – 125 ton Heading presses    30 – H3 Hydraulic PumpsMinistry of SupplyUK9159D7338/10/6/2
03/01/19418 – 300 ton Heading pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9227D7338/10/6/2
07/01/19415 – 200 ton Heading pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9236D7338/10/6/2
30/01/1941Payment of £100 ea. for 18 presses (built under licence)Australian CommonwealthAustralia9269D7338/10/6/2
04/03/19413 – H15 Hydraulic PumpsChesterfield CylindersUK9290D7338/10/6/2
26/05/19415 – 3000 ton Heading & Indenting pressesAustralian CommonwealthAustralia9412D7338/10/6/2
15/11/19412 sets – 3500 and 1500 ton Aluminium Extrusion pressesAir Ministry (one set for ICI Gowerton)UK9698D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19413 – 350 ton Cupping & Drawing presses      Ministry of SupplyUK9710D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19412 – 200 ton Drawing pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9711D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19416 – 150 ton Drawing pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9712D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19416 – 100 ton Drawing pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9713D7338/10/6/2
17/11/194134 – H3 Hydraulic PumpsMinistry of SupplyUK9714D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19412 – 1000 ton Indenting pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9718D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19413 – 2000 ton Indenting pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9719D7338/10/6/2
17/11/19413 – 2000 ton Heading pressesMinistry of SupplyUK9720D7338/10/6/2
17/11/194113 – H3 Hydraulic PumpsMinistry of SupplyUK9723D7338/10/6/2
01/06/19422 – 1200/1500 ton pressesMinistry of SupplyUK4003D7338/10/6/3
22/06/19422000 ton Heading & Indenting pressIndia StoreIndia4031D7338/10/6/3
07/07/19421090/130 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressE P Jenks, WolverhamptonUK4053D7338/10/6/3
14/07/19421800 ton Hot Platen pressFactories Direction, LydneyUK4072D7338/10/6/3
15/07/19422 – 600 ton Vertical Extrusion presses (for tube)Russian Trade DelegationRussia4078D7338/10/6/3
15/07/19422 – 1500/1700 ton Horizontal Extrusion presses (for tube)Russian Trade DelegationRussia4080D7338/10/6/3
15/07/19421 – 3000/3500 ton Horizontal Extrusion press (for tube)Russian Trade DelegationRussia4082D7338/10/6/3
15/07/19425 – 1500/1700 ton Extrusion pressesRussian Trade DelegationRussia4094D7338/10/6/3
06/07/19431430 ton Vertical Extrusion press (for tube)Serck TubesUK4396D7338/10/6/3
01/09/19433 – 1500 ton Extrusion pressesMinistry of Aircraft Production (for Russian Trade Delegation)Russia4481D7338/10/6/3
24/09/19431000 ton Upstroking press plantRussian Trade DelegationRussia13,8004515D7338/10/6/3
16/10/1943750 ton 4 – column Flanging press plantMinistry of Supply (for Russian Trade Delegation)Russia15,0004560D7338/10/6/3
20/01/19443 – 625 ton Aluminium Stretching & Detwisting machinesMinistry of Aircraft Production (1 – Rogerstone, 1 – HDA Workington, 1 – Birmingham, Kitts Green?)UK4653D7338/10/6/3
11/09/1944650 ton Flanging press, Boiler shell Plate Bender, Fixed Rivetter 100/60/40 ton, Hydraulic Rivetter 70/45/25 ton, D/Acting Rivetter 75/45/25/tonIndia StoreIndia4867D7338/10/6/3
27/01/1945repeat of O/no. 4867India StoreIndia5011D7338/10/6/3
27/01/19452000 ton Flanging pressBirmingham Railway & Carriage WorksUK5115D7338/10/6/3
27/04/1945Lead press (for cable sheathing)Lancashire CableUK10,6405176D7338/10/6/3
12/10/19451500 ton Extrusion pressMcKechnie Bros., WalsallUK24,7535227D7338/10/6/3
22/10/194542 – Oil Engines (10 – 5/9BHP, 10 – 10/15 BHP, 10 – 16/23 BHP, 6 – 26/35 BHP, 6 – 35/45 BHPBrush Electrical Engine Co.UK5239D7338/10/6/3
24/10/19461000 ton ‘Serck’ Vertical Extrusion pressVisseries & TrefilieriesBelgium13,6605494D7338/10/6/3
15/10/19461000 ton ‘Serck’ Vertical Extrusion pressC Van IngenHolland17,8805523D7338/10/6/4
11/10/19461500 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressSwiss AluminiumSwitzerland21,5005524D7338/10/6/4
08/10/19461500 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressBlock Metall46,9305525D7338/10/6/4
08/10/19461500 ton Horizontal Extrusion pressNorthern Cable & WireUK46,9305528D7338/10/6/4
05/11/19463300 ton Plate BenderJohn Brown, ClydebankUK45,2005555D7338/10/6/4
03/06/19472500 ton Forging plantArgentine Aeronautical Purchasing Co.Argentina50,9805655D7338/10/6/4
16/09/19477 1/4″ x 16″ Mud PumpsB.O.F.E.C.UK101,2505807D7338/10/6/4
28/11/1947280 ton Stretch Forming m/cArgentine Aeronautical Purchasing Co.Argentina12,6405841D7338/10/6/4
29/11/19472000 ton Extrusion press plant Birmingham Battery, Selly OakUK51,0005849D7338/10/6/4
24/03/19481000 ton ‘Serck’ Vertical Extrusion pressStewarts & LloydsSouth Africa18,6305957D7338/10/6/4
10/06/194820 – sets S.P.A. 12 Slush PumpsB.O.F.E.C.UK49,0006028D7338/10/6/4
06/09/19482000 ton Extrusion press plantPolish Purchasing CommissionPoland69,0006093D7338/10/6/4
06/09/19481000 ton Extrusion press plantPolish Purchasing CommissionPoland45,1056094D7338/10/6/4
30/12/19482500 ton Lead Sheathing pressSociete Belge pour le FabricationBelgium23,2156127D7338/10/6/4
03/08/1949Accumulator StationRussian Trade DelegationRussia60,7146378D7338/10/6/4
05/09/19492000 ton Horizontal Extrusion press plantAston Chain & Hook, Birmingham (later called delta Drawn Metals)UK55,5406404D7338/10/6/4

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  • Hi John!  When I get the chance I will have a look and let you know.

    Thanks – John B

    By Trevor Hill (17/12/2015)
  • Hi Trevor!  Regrettably the answer is no.  The previous O/No. 5238, was for the supply of jigs and fixtures for the engines, so it is possible that they may have been transferred to Petters, Loughborough, around this time (in 1939 Petters was bought by Brush Electrical).  Also O/No. 5391, Apr 1946, transfer of SD and CS type engine spares (semi-diesel and cold start?), value £3998 and O/No. 5455, June 1946, transfer of spares – to Loughborough (where Brush was based).  This suggests that final transfer of the oil and gas engines had taken place.

    I do not recall ever seeing a book with serial numbers of the gas and oil engines (there must have been one), so I suspect it was transferred to Petters at some stage.  John B

    By John Bancroft (16/12/2015)
  • Hi John!  Whilst I was indexing Detail Drawings which had been put onto film by Brush I have seen some drawings which Brush had re-drawn and sent to Fieldings for spare parts.

    By Trevor Hill (16/12/2015)
  • Hi Trevor!  Any dates of the drawings?  John B

    By John Bancroft (16/12/2015)
  • Hi John!  Would there be any Serial Numbers on the orders for these engines?. If there are it will help me with the engine register?

    By Trevor Hill (15/12/2015)
  • Hi John.  I was interested to see the order for 42 Oil Engines for The Brush Electrical Company!

    By Trevor Hill (14/12/2015)
  • Hi Trevor!  Thanks for you comment to this page.  It never ceases to amaze me the sheer quantity of equipment attached to some of the orders of the period, particularly when one considers the state of the country at the time.  I should add that this order is but one example of an order for the supply of multiple units, especially H3 three-throw hydraulic oil pumps, that were manufactured in abundance at the time.  John B

    By John Bancroft (14/12/2015)

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