A 'large gathering' of Fielding people, taken c.1960

A photograph, with most of the names supplied

Pete Walwin/John Davis
Gloucestershire Archives

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Pete Walwin/John Davis are credited with furnishing this photo, that included the following names, from left to right: –

Bert Ravenhill; Ray Howes (rear); Lionel Lane (front); Jim Haines; Trevor Hamblett; George Jackson; Bernard Boulton; Ted Hendy (rear); Norman ? (middle); Owen Feltham (front); Don Allen (rear); Percy Taylor (front); Wilf Gardner; Dennis Meredith; ? (front); Bruce Vallender; Bill Meadows.

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  • Reference Wilf Gardner in the photo, he was my Uncle, by marriage. As far I can remember he was, I think, either a development or design engineer, he worked at Fielding’s from about the time he married my aunt Doreen in 1940, maybe before. After his death in 1983 his wife still remained a member of the Association until a couple of years before her death in 2007. I can remember his trips around the globe either fixing or installing. His life revolved aroung the plant and everyone there. Thank you for that.   Roger Rea

    By Roger Rea (15/03/2015)

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