Drawing Office Walk to the Suckstone, Nr Staunton c. mid 1960s

Walkers admiring the view

In this audio clip, John Davis remembers a Drawing Office walk to the Suckstone, near Staunton in the mid 1960s.  The first photo shows (from left to right) Colin Mills, John Baldwin, Ken Marshall, John Davis, Eddie Hurst (with binoculars) and Dennis Lyes. The second photo features Ken Marshall’s son Jon with the binoculars

The photographs were taken by Bob Foulkes.

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  • Hello Jon, I remember the occasion, it was a great day out. I have added a second photo featuring you, looking into the future possibly!

    By John Davis (25/10/2015)
  • I remember the walk as well – I’m Ken Marshall’s son, the boy on the very right of the picture. Ken was with F&P for 36 years in the drawing office.

    By Jon (16/03/2015)

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