Birthday Celebrations

Partygoers outside the Whitesmith's Arms, mid 1990s

Birthday Celebrations

In  this audio clip, John Davis talks to Ollie Taylor about a lunchtime celebration at the Whitesmith’s Arms.  Some of the people in the photo are: Jenny Goode, Helen Andrews, Roy Mallett, Steve Baker, Ray Cayliss, Janet May, Justin Bissell, Paul Malliband, Tony Franklin, Lionel Longney, Ian Hatton, Alexis ?, Jackie Byett and Norman Tinsello.  If you can name any of the other people present, please let us know.

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  • A great picture ! I am Ray Cayless (5th from the left with dark hair and moustache). I don’t remember that particular event, but various combinations of us were in the Whitesmith’s most weeks!
    The lady 3rd from the right is Alexis. She worked in the Accounts Department – she lived near me in Quedgeley so we sometimes shared a lift if one or other’s car was out of action. The chap 4th from the right who John remembers from the ‘fruit tea’ is Ian Hatton – he was an electrical engineer who worked with us in the drawing office. Ian is the one person from that group whom I still occasionally see, as we are both tour guides now with Gloucester Civic Trust.

    Ed: Nice one Ray! John B

    By Ray Cayless (09/11/2020)

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