280 ton Multi-Daylight Veneer Presses, O/No. 5590/55, c.1954

Order 5590/55 for Technopromimport, Russia, c.1954

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

This order was for the supply of 93 presses.

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  • Graham, I believe you are correct in your comments. The only addition I can add, is a ghost figure of Ginger Mogg, second next to Bill Moseley.

    By Jim Rigby (26/09/2013)
  • Thank you Jim for that info, I remember ‘Ginger’ as Bill but that would be because I didn’t know him in the same way that you would have done. Obviously from the photo, Ginger was swaying about or something at the moment the photo was taken! Graham Aston

    By Graham Aston (26/09/2013)
  • These photos would have been taken in Hydraulic 2 Fitting Shop. In these photos it looks like it is Wally Organ operating/testing the press, but unfortunately I can’t identify any of the others apart from possibly the second man from the left, who looks to me like he could be Bill Moseley. Can anyone help me there? Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (28/08/2013)

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