9000 ton Multi-Daylight (Hot) Platen Press, views taken on site during commissioning, O/No. 63170, c.1964

Order 63170 for B S & W Whiteley, Yorkshire, c.1964

This large 20 РDaylight (Hot) Platen Press was first-time site erected, some further pictures of early assembly can be found here.

This press was designed to produce ‘Elephantide’ electrical insulating pressboard 14 ft/sq. in multiples of 20.

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  • I worked on this Platen Press for two to three weeks, just as testing was starting. The memory of this has really blotted out the other jobs we apprentices did.
    I recall there were two of us apprentices, John Gale and myself.
    My memory is of Tony Barton giving us both a bucket full of diesel and a sack full of rags. And we started cleaning the preservative from the platens.
    The platens were 16ft square and I think there were eight platens, if my memory is right.
    Additionally the platens were just having low steam on test. John and I had diesel-soaked overalls where it had run down our arms (and elsewhere!).
    We worked very hard but we were a good team with plenty of banter thrown about.

    Ed: What a great story to relate! Thanks, David, for sharing it with us. John B

    By David Budrey (16/11/2023)

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