2100 ton Upstroking Multi-Daylight Platen Press, O/No. 3010, c.1951

Order 3010 for Permali, Gloucester, c.1951

Gloucestershire Archives

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  • This press was resealed by Pete and Tom Wardle of Wessex Hydraulic Services. I am ex-Fielding & Platt. I currently work on all types of hydraulic presses all over the UK. Tom is my son and has completed a full apprenticeship training and is now carrying on the family tradition. My grandfather also worked for Fielding & Platt!

    Ed: Pete, many thanks for supplying the information. It is always useful to hear about F&P presses, especially when serviced by former employees! John B

    By Pete Wardle (16/05/2022)
  • Hello, just to let you know that a seal/ram packing replacement has just been done on this press 04.2022 and its in exactly the same place that it is in the pic. Used daily.
    Kind regards Rich

    Ed: Hi Rich! Many thanks for the information. It is great to know that there is a Fielding Platen Press built some 70 years ago and still providing a good service. They don’t build them like that any more! John B

    By Rich (29/04/2022)

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