H3 Hydraulic Pump with Oil Strainer, c.1948

Stock order, c.1948

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

Two features worthy of note!

Firstly, this pump was fitted with a duplex oil strainer. The gear pump (driven off the crankshaft) sucked lubricating oil from the 20 gal. reservoir inside the cast iron base through either the left hand or right hand strainer prior to being pumped through the crankshaft to the main bearings, connecting rod bearings and crosshead guides. Movement of the central handle controlled which strainer was in use. The strainer not in use would automatically be isolated from the system thus allowing it to be removed from the pump for cleaning whilst the pump was still running.

In the second image, note the hole in the centre.  This was to allow the temporary fitment of a cranked handle that engaged with the mechanical gear pump. When rotated it allowed oil to lubricate the bearings prior to main start-up and was recommended for use especially when the pump had not been in use for some time.

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