Variable-Stroke High-Speed Radial Pump, O/No. 5243, c.1945

Order 5243 for Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd., c.1945

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

This pump formed part of an order for the supply of a 430 ton flux extrusion press.

Ed. note: This pump appears to be an A1 type, single-bank, 7-piston, variable delivery, high-speed radial pump, that included a basic form of pressure compensator whereby the pump progressively reduced the volume output as the pressure increased to a maximum. (the central yoke has three equi-positioned arms and appears to be moved against the adjustable springs by three small fixed-positioned cylinders. (This feature is common in modern positive-displacement pumps to ensure that excessive heat is not generated and horsepower wasted). It is the first time the editor has seen this feature on a Fielding ‘A’ type radial pump and as far as aware was not produced in any great numbers.

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