Demolition of the Factory!

A sad sight

These are some photos I took when the demolition of the site was well advanced. The 1st photo shows what was left of the building that contained the craft school, light machine shop and on the ground floor the maintenance department, with the inwards goods department at the far end. The photo of myself using a drilling machine was taken at the far end of the building which has already gone at this point.
The 2nd is looking from the other end of the craft school building showing the lift shaft which served the light machine shop and the craft school above. The red brick part on the right hand side is a much later addition.
The 3rd is is looking from approximately the main works gate towards what would have been Hydraulic 2 and the time office.
The 4th & 5th photos are from, again approximately, the office gate area looking towards Hydraulic 2 and across the factory site.
The 6th is the ladder up to the 25 ton crane in Hydraulic 1. This was near to the sliding door out to the railway track and over to the boiler yard.
The 7th & 8th show what was left of the new fitting shop at this stage. It is possible to make out where the rails would have been for the overhead cranes. The 100 ton at the top and below the, the 25 ton. The two remaining uprights look like sentinels looking out over the devastation!
The 9th & 10th show the single storey building that was the tool room and also the old works garage. That was in use up until the garage outside the offices became the main one, can’t remember exactly when though.
The 11th & 12th are the old St Luke Street sign and the carpet works water tower frame.

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  • Hi John. I’ve had a look through my photos and I see that I took them on the 14th and 15th of July 2007. It would be interesting, as you say, if anyone else has taken some at other stages of the demolition. Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (18/10/2013)
  • Chippy! Many thanks for posting these photos and descriptions. A valuable contribution!  Do you recall the year that they were taken? Hopefully, others may be able to provide photos taken at other stages of the demolition that could be added to this page.    John B

    By John Bancroft (10/10/2013)

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