The Platt Family Tree

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  • Re Edith Rickert
    A Note for Sealy Gilles.
    My great grandfather was John Platt, brother of Kate.
    He married an American lady, Mary Bartlett, and they lived in New Jersey. They knew Edith Rickert.
    John Platt’s great friend was Sigismund de Ivanowski. John Platt had purchased a painting of Helena Ivanowski, and it was used by Edith Rickert as the frontispiece for her novel, Folly. I was the lucky person who inherited Folly, and I get to see her beautiful face every day!
    Kate Platt was a doctor, who lived in India for a number of years. She was in charge of the Lady Hardinge Hospital in Delhi. She was a talented watercolour painter, and I have paintings she made in the Himalayas.
    Kate died in an air raid in WW2, I believe.

    Ed: Thanks for the information, Elizabeth. I will see that Sealy Gilles is informed. John B

    By Elizabeth Kelly (25/06/2021)
  • Greetings to the Platt family. I am an American researcher working on a history of Edith Rickert, an American scholar who lived in London and was a close friend of Dr. Kate Platt in 1901-09. If anyone has information or correspondence that would provide insight into that time in their lives, I would appreciate hearing from you. I am happy to share what I have as well.
    Sealy Gilles

    By Sealy Gilles (22/01/2019)
  • I have a little more information about Ralph Platt during his time in Chudleigh. If anyone in your organisation would like to email me, I would happily pass them on to you.

    By Amanda Godfrey (20/03/2018)

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