Atlas Works' Rugby Team, 1957-1960

Back row (standing L-R)

?; ? ; C Watkins; J Parker ; ? ; ?; B Hatton; ? ; ? ; A Grendall ; J Baylis.

Middle row (sitting L-R)

D Cohen; ? ; ? ; E Morefield; John Bayliss; B Rose; Tony Tanner.

Front row (sitting L-R)

Kenny Doyle; B Bassett; E Hannaford

What memories does this photo bring back?  Perhaps you knew someone who played in this side or played rugby for Fielding’s in a different year and remember the games, banter, and atmosphere of the club and the ground at Hempsted?  If so why not leave a comment below?

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  • Thanks for pointing out these details Alan – that’s great! I’d heard about the Fielding’s tennis courts but hadn’t been able to locate them until you pointed them out. What was Stephen’s Incubator Works? Hope you’ve enjoyed watching some of Lion’s Rugby tour of Australia lately?! I take it Fielding’s rugby team never went “on tour”? Although the away matches must have been fun…?!

    By Ollie Taylor (12/07/2013)
  • Right behind the players are the tennis courts and behind that is a smoke stack of the power station at Sudmeadow. On the right hand side of photo was a disused factory behind Stephen’s Incubator Works and also a row of private houses if my memory serves me right…

    By alan jay (02/07/2013)
  • Again the player on the right-hand side of the middle row is Tony Tanner.

    By Alan Jay (08/02/2013)
  • The player sat in the front row, left-hand side, is Kenny Doyle.

    By Alan Jay (08/02/2013)
  • Thanks again Alan – you’ve been really helpful as ever. I wonder if you can remember what the buildings were that were in the background of this picture? Some of them look residential, but some of them don’t! I take it that this was taken at Fielding’s sports’ ground at Sudmeadow Road, Hempsted?

    By Ollie Taylor (08/02/2013)

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