Photographs of Jim Fielding's many Cars, with a digital story

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You can see a short digital story in which Walter Organ and Judith Chamberlayne remember Jim Fielding’s motor cars here.

Walter Organ and Judith Chamberlayne remember Jim Fielding's racing cars

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  • I remember Mr Fielding’s GT 40 when he drove it to visit the dentist where I worked, it had a distinctive roar, a beautiful car. At that time I drove a 1939 MG TA and he asked me whose car it was in the car park? When I said it was my boyfriend’s he couldn’t believe that he let me borrow it. He was a charming man and I knew the family and once went out with Andrew! Happy times.

    Ed: Thanks for that memory, Christine, we all thought it was just loud, it always brought us to the DO windows to look!
    I will settle for your ‘distinctive roar’, sounds better! John B

    By Christine Edgeworth (nee Reith) (11/03/2022)
  • The Racing Car on the ‘Rolling Road’ under Jim’s Cars is not his own car!  I think this photo was sent in as Heenan and Froude in Worcester built rolling roads for car and motor racing firms. My father was Managing Director of Heenan and Froude Ltd which was part of the Atlas Group of Companies (14 firms in all, I believe) in which he was also Deputy Chairman.  Andrew J.L. Fielding.

    Ed: Zoom into the two photos and see that the ‘rolling road’ was manufactured by Crypton-Heenan.  John B 

    By Andrew JL Fielding (22/10/2014)
  • Hi everyone!   In addition to the uploaded gallery of Jim Fielding’s Cars, other galleries of ‘Photographs from the F James Fielding Collection’ are now uploaded to the website.

    By John Bancroft (20/03/2014)

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