Apprentice intake 1970

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I have attached a photo of the 1970 apprentice intake which I trust you will find of interest.

The names I can remember are:

Back row (standing L-R)

Chris Morgan; Kim Bonzer; Paul Howes; Eddie Hobbs; Chris Gardner; Mike Southcott; “Perfume” Pete Marshall; Dave Smith; Rob Sweet; Colin Price; Paul Regester; Dave Windridge; Phil Haynes; Dave Cool; Phil Brown.

Front Row (sitting L-R)

Neil Dugdale; Clive Forster; Paul Bevan; Steve Bick; Barry Degge; Roy Breach; Rob Woodridge; John Craze; Philip Madeley; Neville Brown; Keith Danniels.

Are you in the photo and remember what it was like to be part of this apprentice intake? If so, please share your memories by adding a comment below.

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  • 5th apprentice in the back row is Chris Gardner, a very good footballer who played with me in Fielding’s Sunday League team. Regards, Tony Hope

    By Tony Hope (15/09/2013)
  • Hi, between Eddie Hobbs and Mike Southcott in the back row is I believe Chris Butler. On the front row, fourth from right, is John Craze who I remember from the Fabrication Shop. Hope this helps fill a couple of gaps! Regards, Pete Vallender

    By Pete Vallender (07/09/2013)
  • Thanks to you both Paul and Chippy for adding the names to the members of this photograph.

    Chippy – It sounds like a good number of these guys from this intake went onto be Fitters, did any of them ever work with you and if so what were they like and what did you pass on to them?

    Paul – What was it like to be part of this apprentice intake in 1970? I’m sure you have many stories and memories about the guys here and it would be great if you could share them with us to bring this photo to life!

    By Ollie Taylor (12/06/2013)
  • Hi Ollie, sorry the names should read:- Back row: ? , ? , ?  , Eddie Hobbs, ? , Mike Southcott, Pete Marshall, ? , ? , Colin Price, Paul Regester, ? , ? , ? , Phil Brown.

    By Paul Regester (11/06/2013)
  • I have a feeling that the person standing at the back, 4th from right, is Dave Windridge.

    Sitting in the front row 1st right is Keith ? , who I think went on to work in the Works’ garage. And 4th from the right on the front row is John ? , who, again I think, went on to work in the Fabrication Shop as a welder.

    Eddie Hobbs, Mike Southcott and Steve Bick went on to be Fitters; Clive Foster a Pipe Fitter. Hope this bit of info helps! Best regards, Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (08/06/2013)
  • Thank you so much for adding this photograph and the names Paul. On the back row, I notice their are a few more ?s and names than people present on the back row, could you let us know who’s who and where they are standing please? I hope others will get in touch and add their memories to the page too!

    By Ollie Taylor (05/06/2013)

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