Jim Fielding and the Russians

A photograph, c. February 1954

HRH Prince Philip, Jim Fielding, and presumably the two gentlemen on the right are the Russians!

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  • Hi Ollie, no I am afraid I have no more info on this photo. Sadly, a lot of pictures I will send on to you in due course have little infomation as my father only wrote on the back of some of them. I am away again working so when I return to Perth, I will continue to upload more things. Regards, Andrew JL Fielding.

    By Andrew JL Fielding. (07/06/2013)
  • Thanks Andrew – I look forward to hearing from you in due course. In the meantime, shall I publish the two pages that you have in draft format (the Business Dinner and the Muscovite Society one with HRH Prince Philip!)?

    When you do come to copy and upload more photos would you mind trying to upload a higher resolution copy of the home guard photo please? As you’ll see, you can’t zoom in on the faces very well. Or a good photocopy by post to

    Ollie Taylor, Gloucestershire Archives, Clarence Row, Alvin Street, Gloucester, GL1 3DW, ENGLAND

    Would be very helpful. All good wishes for your job away! Ollie

    By Ollie Taylor (07/06/2013)
  • Thanks for adding this page and photograph Andrew – you don’t have any other information about this photo or the others in it do you?

    By Ollie Taylor (05/06/2013)

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