Photograph of Hydraulic No.1 Heavy Machine and Fitting Shop

Views of No. 2 Bay, taken from the office end, c.1966

Gloucestershire Archives
Gloucestershire Archives

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  • John Cresswell without a doubt.

    By Jim Rigby (16/02/2014)
  • Hi Chippy & Pete!   Well done to you both!  In addition to Brian (Mince), I agree with Mel Phelps, Len & Dave Gapp, Pete Sutton and Brian Simpkins (also known as ‘Rubber Bones). The person you could not name at the controls (first pic) and the shear cylinder (second pic) I am pretty certain is John Cresswell. We will wait and see if anyone else can identify or confirm the more difficult ones! John B

    By John Bancroft (03/12/2013)
  • Hi John!    I’ll have a go at naming some of these men in the photos. Far left, Jim Simpson? Standing with his back to the camera, by the Fielding nameplate, Mel Phelps. Standing near the die slide cylinder, adjusting a limit switch, Dave Gapp. Kneeling on the floor next to him is Len Gapp. Person standing other side of press and looking straight at the camera, Vic Riddler? Behind ‘Vic’, the man in the charge hand’s coat looks to me like Pete Sutton. Beyond those two, the other person looking straight at the camera I can’t put a name to I’m afraid. Nor can I identify the person next to Brian Mince, man at control desk, man working on the floor on the die carrier or person working inside the press with back to the camera. In the second photo, in the foreground, is I think Brian Simpkins leaning on some sort of frame and talking to possibly Fred Rossiter, but that is just a guess really. Brian Mince is up on the platform with, it looks like, Dave Gapp. As with the other photo, the rest I can’t put names to I afraid. Hope these are right! Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (02/12/2013)
  • Hi John!  I think in the first photo the pipe fitter kneeling in the front is Len Gapp and to his left stood up touching the column looks like Len’s brother Dave Gapp! In the second photo the fitter in the front leaning towards the camera by the angle grinder is Brian ??????, his nickname was ‘Rubber Bones’ from memory!    Pete Charlton. 69 – 75

    By Pete Charlton (02/12/2013)
  • Hi all!   These two photos have been added recently. It would be good if we could identify the people in the photos. I will start off with Brian Mince, in the first photo (the obvious one in the white coat!).    John B

    By John Bancroft (30/11/2013)

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