The Tea Trolley

What do you remember about it?

Lil Webb and the tea trolley in the Drawing Office
John Davis

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Do you remember the tea trolley coming round the Works? Or maybe you worked in the Canteen and brought it round yourself? Please share your memories of the tea trolley Рthe food, fun, stories, and staff Рby clicking on Add a comment about this page below.

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  • “It is Sunday 4th September 2016 and ‘Father’s Day’ in Australia.

    I thought it an appropriate day to bring my Father’s attention to his old work-place (and mine but not for very long) and share this fabulous site.

    Dad said that it was good to read of Colonel Peter Salter, Nigel Scott, Brian Billingham, Bob Madley and Ron Curtis. He said that these were people who were instrumental in making Fielding and Platt what it was.

    We too, both shared about the fabulous ‘trolley’, full of wonderful food and those Cornish Pasties, to die for.”
    Mrs Janice Clark, daughter of Ken Hudson 04/09/2016

    By Paul Evans (22/02/2018)

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