Fielding's female workers during World War II

Can you name anyone in the photograph or do you have memories of them?

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The 79 women pictured above worked at Fielding and Platt during the Second World War.

But who were they and what did they do?

If you can help us answer these questions then please share any information or memories you have of them by adding a comment at the bottom of this page.

Daphne Collier was one of these workers and her memories of working for Fielding’s during the war can be heard here.

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  • Both my mother and father worked at Fielding and Platt. My father, Fred Devereux, joined Fielding’s as a apprentice in the 1930’s and became a skilled fitter. He was transferred during the war to the Railway’s where he worked until his retirement. My mother was evacuated from London and worked at Fielding’s as a machine operator. She told me how she often fell asleep on a upturned bucket when working on the night shift but not for too long as the foreman woke her!

    Ed: Great story of the war years. Your mother would not have been the only person to fall asleep on the night shift – and this still happened long after the war ended! John B

    By Roger Devereux (12/03/2022)
  • My Mum & Dad (Doris & Reginald Austin) were friends of Jim and Doreen Freeman and their Mum, who I only knew as Granny Freeman. I believe Granny Freeman drove the overhead crane during the war. The Freemans emigrated to Australia as did my family. The Freeman’s children live in the Geelong area in Victoria. My Dad also worked at Fielding & Platt before the war.

    Ed: Thanks for the story, Valerie; if you click on this link you will see a photo of Mrs Freeman at the controls of her crane! John B

    By Valerie Lawrence (15/08/2020)

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