The Fielding float at Gloucester Carnival, 1942

Daphne Collier recalls being on the float that encouraged workers to join

Daphne recalls how and why she came to appear on the Fielding float aged 17
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Historic records can help us learn about people’s different perspectives in particular situations. The slogan in this image reflects common attitudes in wartime Gloucester.

In this short clip, Daphne Collier, who worked in the Boiler Yard between 1941-1945, recalls how and why she came to be on the Fielding and Platt “float” for Gloucester Carnival 1942. Daphne is standing on the right of the photograph, on the lorry holding a rope.

She explains how the foreman of the Boiler Yard, George Jackson, was instrumental in her appearing on the “float” and the union activity which ensured that girls who worked on the shop floor, as well as the offices, were given a chance.

Click here to listen to more of Daphne’s memories of the Boiler Yard, 1941-1945.

If you remember seeing the float in 1942, recall any other occasions when Fielding and Platt appeared in the carnival, or have other memories of Fielding and Platt’s activity in wartime please leave a comment below.

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