Company timeline: 1960s

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25/04/1960Birmingham Post:Glos City Fire brigade fought 3 hours to quench fire at F & P. Extensive damage caused.Company newsD7338/8/2/7
10/11/1960Citizen: Heenan Group final dividend 8% for 1960.Company newsD7338/8/2/7
15/11/1960Citizen: Eight man team from Fieldings wins annual relay race around factories.People newsD7338/8/2/7
10/12/1960Citizen: Mr S H Davies, technical advisor with F & P drowns whilst attempting rescue in Cornwall.People newsD7338/8/2/7
1961Licence with General Dynamics, USA, for rights to manufacture Dynapak machines.Product newsD5926/1 (Centenary Book)
20/09/1961Citizen: Mr George Jackson retires from Fielding & Platt.People newsD7338/8/2/7
18/10/1961Citizen: New Technical Training Dept. opened at F & P for senior apprentices. Mr H Hindle appointed Technical Training engineer in charge.People newsD7338/8/2/7
10/11/1961Citizen: Heenan Group nett profits to year-ending 2nd Sept. up nearly £100,000.Company newsD7338/8/2/7
18/12/1961Citizen: Heenan Group nett profit £663,742 surpassing all previous records. F & P  achieves new peak.Company newsD7338/8/2/7
10/01/1963BBC holds ‘Workers Playtime’ half-hour live radio programme in the canteen on 10th Jan 1963. (BBC Ticket No. 76)People newsD13038
27/01/1964Sir Richard Pease resigns from the board after 6 years service.People newsD7338/1/4/1
01/06/1964Article on first package-type extrusion press for Indalex, built in record time.Product newsD7338/8/2/10
25/06/1964Metal Industry: Aluminium Plate Stretching m/c, built in 13 months for CEGEDUR, Issoire, France.Product newsD7338/8/2/10
24/09/1964Design: High energy rate forming, sheets on F&P m/cProduct newsD7338/8/2/10
30/10/1964Financial Times: Article about F&P presses and recent orders for solder presses.Product newsD7338/8/2/10
12/01/1965Citizen: Article about ‘Iron Shark’ scrap metal plant.Product newsD7338/8/2/10
22/05/1965Citizen: Article about visit of Russian Delegation to Fielding & PlattPeople newsD7338/8/2/10
04/11/1965Citizen: Fielding & Platt Centenary. Three-page article about F & P.Company newsD7338/8/2/10
30/11/1965Metal Bulletin: Hydrostatic Extrusion. About links with atomic industry.Product newsD7338/8/2/10
05/12/1965Steel Times: Article on high energy rate forming m/c installed at Armstrong Stevens.Product newsD7338/8/2/10
1966Agreement with U.K.A.E.A to develop hydrostatic extrusion process.Product newsD5926/1 (Centenary Book)
06/04/1966Echo: Announcement of new appointments to board of directors. J Baker, R H Green & F R Marx.People newsD7338/8/2/10
26/09/1966Registration formalised for Fielding Plant Design Ltd. (FPD).Company newsD7338/1/4/1
13/11/1966Daily Gleaner: Jamaican student with Glos firm; Mr lindon Dennis at F & P.People newsD7338/8/2/12
21/11/1966Financial Times: Mr Robert Elkan joins the board of the design company FPD.People newsD7338/8/2/12
03/12/1966Citizen: reporting the death of Ronald Platt.People newsD7338/8/2/12
28/01/1967Citizen: reporting the retirement of Mr William Click after 50 years service.People newsD7338/8/2/12
04/02/1967Citizen: reporting the retirement of Mr & Mrs Gill after combined service of 84 years.People newsD7338/8/2/12
10/04/1967Citizen: reporting the death of Harry Bedford, former Works Manager.People newsD7338/8/2/12
01/05/1967Citizen: Dynapak high energy rate forming press praised on BBC1 television.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
05/05/1967Metals: article on hydrostatic extrusion press developments.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
24/05/1967Machinery: article on examples of high energy rate forming on a Dynapak machine.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
1967Steel Times: article on 1220D high energy rate forming press.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
08/09/1967The Engineer: illustrated article on hydrostatic extrusion.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
25/09/1967Garfield James appointed Sales Director with immediate effect.People newsD7338/1/4/1
04/11/1967Citizen: F J Fielding warns of tough times ahead, at apprentice dinner.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
1967Citizen: notice of 3,000 ton press order for Kilmarnock (Barr Thompson), value £100KProduct newsD7338/8/2/12
23/12/1967Citizen: reporting on childrens party for F & P employees.People newsD7338/8/2/12
31/01/1968Citizen: reports E G Bollen appointed Service Manager as F N Shelley emigrating to Australia.People newsD7338/8/2/12
1968The Link: Adrian Thomas Morgan receives the James Fielding Trophy for apprentices.People newsD7338/8/2/12
13/03/1968Metalworking Production: Photo of the 14th package-type extrusion press.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
31/05/1968Gloucester Echo: Article on Mrs Fielding, mother of F James Fielding.People newsD7338/8/2/12
30/07/1968Citizen: Heenan Group looking to merge with Redman Tools Holdings.Company newsD7338/8/2/12
1968Light Metal Age: Californian report on Glos invention, hydrostatic extrusion press, E J Averill and D Green.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
30/09/1968Heenan Group bought by Redman Engineering, to form Redman Heenan International.Company newsSt Modwen website
12/10/1968Citizen: F J Fielding resigns as MD of F & P. Reappointed Deputy Chairman of Heenan & Froude.People newsD7338/8/2/12
21/11/1968Machinery Market: quart accumulator fitted to H3 pump to eliminate pulsations.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
05/03/1969F J Fielding retires as director, with effect from Jan 1st 1969.People newsD73381/4/1
21/03/1969Citizen: report of a small fire at Fielding & Platt.Company newsD7338/8/2/12
24/03/1969Bournemouth Echo: FPD working with the Japanese.Product newsD7338/8/2/12
17/04/1969Death announces of C M A Whitaker, former director.People newsD7338/8/2/12
11/05/1969Sunday Times: article on the Redman Group.Company newsD7338/8/2/12
19/07/1969Financial Times: F & P provides anode press for Invergordan smelter.Product newsD7338/8/2/12

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