Fielding's Sunday League Football Team

Late 1960s / Early 1970s?

Fielding's Sunday League Team

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This photograph is of Fielding’s Sunday League team of the late 1960s / early 70s containing a few personnel who worked at Fielding’s.

Back row (L-R): Charlie McGarragher (who ran the time office), Fred Grigg, Derrick Aldridge, ? , ? , Tony Hope, Dennis Duke, ? , ? , ? , ? ,

Front row (L-R): Fred Richards, Adrian Wellington, ? , Pete Hailes, ? , ? , ? .

Most of the other players were from Frampton AFC

What memories does this photo bring back?  Perhaps you played in this side or knew someone who did?  Maybe you played football for Fielding’s in a different year and remember the games, banter, and atmosphere of the club and the ground at Hempsted?  If so, please share your memories by clicking on the words Add a comment about this page below.

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  • Thanks for identifying Charlie Peter! What did he do to frighten you young apprentices so much (!) and how did you get to know him better? Cheers, Ollie

    By Ollie Taylor (25/09/2013)
  • Tony, the fellow in the photo who ran the time office was Charlie McGaragher (apologies if I have spelt it wrong). He used to frighten us young apprentices to death but he was a real nice bloke once you got to know him! I believe he was really keen on football when he was younger.

    By Peter Charlton (21/09/2013)

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