Fielding's Football Team

Before the kick-off of the Sunday League Cup Final, c.1970

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Back row: Steve Barnfield, Chris Gardner, Tony Hope, Harold Morgan, Vaughan Moule, Pete Hailes, Nigel Coote.

Front Row: Barry Aldridge, Adrain Wellington, Derrick Aldridge, Dave Ralph, Terry Gladwin.

Only people who worked at Fielding’s named.

What memories does this photo bring back?  Perhaps you played in this side or knew someone who did?  Maybe you played football for Fielding’s in a different year and remember the games, banter, and atmosphere of the club and the ground at Hempsted?  If so, please share your memories by clicking on the words Add a comment about this page below.

Click on the hyperlink to see a photograph of the team winning the cup.

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  • Hi, the missing names on back row are Steve Barnfield on the left and I think the one on the right is Vaughan Moule – but not certain on that lad. Front row missing names are Dave Ralph & Terry Gladwin – Terry later went on to be a first class ref. I remember from my youth that the team played in all red as my dad (Fred Allen) helped to run the team as did my mum who frequently got landed with washing the kit. Once I remember that my dad brought the kit home to wash after a very muddy match and duly dumped it all in the bath to swill through, only to glog up the drain pipe! My Mother was not amused and after that we were forced to take it to the laundrette to wash. My part in all this was to act as linesman & sponge man every sunday morning till I was older and good enough to play.

    By Phil Allen (15/01/2014)

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