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Back row (standing L-R)

W Cousins; W Hoult; Jack Lord; F Grigg; R Drinkwater; ? ; Don Keys.

Front row (sitting L-R)

Max Hayward; H Smith; Mac Reesh; Roy Wakefield; R Hinton.

Can you help us identify the people in this photograph and help us to date it? Perhaps you remember watching this team play or played it in yourself? What else do you remember about Fielding’s cricket – the atmosphere, matches, training, changing rooms, songs or chants? Please share your memories by adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

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  • Roy Wakefield is my dad – long gone now. Had a bit of a Clark Gable look about him, but don’t tell him I said that. He worked for Fielding’s and later for Dowty’s. To answer Graham, no he wasn’t known as Danny – that was one of his brothers.

    By Alan Wakefield (02/07/2020)
  • Hi
    I am researching my family history and I have come across this photo. I believe that W. Cousins is my grandfather and also Jack Lord has a family connection. Would anyone have any information?

    By William Cousins (29/04/2020)
  • Thanks Chippy, those glasses sound so funny – I was laughing as I was reading your comment! They must’ve been quite a sight to see at Kingsholm – did you go with Don too? How did the glasses go down at the match?! I don’t s’pose you can remember anyone making similar items for other sports and social occasions?!

    It would be great to see those valve settings sometime. If you have a scanner perhaps you could scan them in and add them to the site?

    Thanks again for adding such fun, unique and happy memories of Fielding’s, the guys and the life in the workshops there. Look forward to hearing more from you soon, as ever.

    By Ollie Taylor (12/07/2013)
  • I remember Don Keys(es?) joining the Spares Bench (or somthing to do with that) in Hydraulic Fitting Shop 2, from I think, the maintenance workshop.

    Mac Reesh (McCreesh?) was the Chargehand in Hydraulic 2 when I joined that shop, the foreman was ‘Old’ Ollie Vallender. Jack ‘John'(?) Lord worked in the Machine Shop (not sure which one though, maybe the heavy) and Fred Grigg worked in the Heavy Machine Shop.

    The gentleman, Roy Wakefield -  could this be who I would have known as ‘Danny’ Wakefield?

    The men I mention, their faces are familiar, but it’s a long time ago. Anybody able to help with/correct me on any of this?

    Don Keyes was a lovely man, I got on very well with him during my time in Hydraulic 2. Somewhere, hidden away in a safe place (haven’t we all got one of those?!), there are some of Don’s valve-setting details for the Oil Engines that Fielding & Platt used to make before Petter’s took over the production of F&P engines.

    Don was a great fan of Gloucester Rugby Club if my memory serves me well? I once made him a pair of crazy glasses to wear to an important match. They were made out of wire for the frames, pipe bungs (red caps, Fielding guys will remember those) with holes in to see through for the lenses, and a bit of white paint here and there, ta dah, Cherry and Whites!! Oh happy days! Following that, I decided to add some ‘red caps’ to pieces of tubing and attatch them to a cloth hat I used to wear, making them look like eyes on stalks. Now, here, I won’t repeat what one of the Fitting Shop foreman said to me at the time, but it was along the lines of, “I don’t want the management to think we are all mad, get rid of them!!” I’m sure you can imagine what he said to me! Chippy Aston

    By Graham Aston (28/06/2013)

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