The John Davis Collection

An album of photographs compiled by John Davis.

During his time in the Drawing Office, John always seemed to have a camera handy and was noted for recording many impromptu events taken over a period of years.

John compiled an album of some of his photographs together with others and his album has been produced regularly at F & P Reunions for all to view. This post is a record of all the illustrations in the album and whilst there are a number of photos already shown elsewhere on the website there are many new ones as well!!

Where possible, each photo contains the names of the individuals,  however, there are also people whose names we have forgotten ( ? ) or may have attributed incorrectly!  Please help us complete the list with reference to the Photo No. and missing names and the editors will update accordingly.

If you remember anyone  on the photographs, then please share your memories by clicking on the words ‘ Add a comment about this page ‘ that is located after the photos at the bottom of the page.


Photo 01. James Platt; Ralph Tweddell (Ralph's Father); James and John, sons of Samuel Fielding, and one other.
Photo 02. Francis James Fielding - Managing Director, seated in his office, c.1960s.
Photo 03. Aerial view of the factory, c.1970s.
Photo 04. A view of Sudbrook Crossing.
Photo 05. A site plan of the factory and rail track distribution throughout the dock area. Year unknown. Note also the tram rails on Southgate street!
Photo 06. Mr Stammers; Jim Fielding; Reggie Rowles; David Rowles.
Photo 07. Frank Bullock; Jeff Niblett; Jack Hobbs; John Little; ? ; Bill Wagner; Alf Russell.
Photo 08. Ron Curtis; Bill Meadows (Works Manager).
Photo 09. Mrs T Dix; ? ; Valerie Jay; Pat Morgan; ? ; Mrs Jones (Canteen Manageress).
Photo 10. Ken Daniell; Diane Miller; Bob Madeley. A Tennis Dance at the Royal William, Cranham, circa1960.
Photo 11. Maintenance Department personnel - George Simpson; Henry Savage; Dave Moore; Arthur Apperley; ? ; Don Keyes; Alf Critchley; ? ; Monty Blunt (Foreman).
Photo 12. Lynden Dennis ; Graham Vallender; ?; Alan Allsop; Steve Price; John Leyfield; Ramsey Harris ; ? .
Photo 13. Early F & P Apprentice Outing.
Photo 14. Just a few easily identifiable: L to R: Gerry Williams; Sid Jenkins; Bert Ravenhill; Lionel lane; Roy Pegler; Arthur Rigby; Bill Norton; Geoffrey Morton, c.1950s. Occasion and location unknown.
Photo 15. The First Aid Room c.1950. Treatment for Ray Hecquet, bruised knuckles probably!
Photo 16. Nurses from the First Aid department.
Photo 17. A view from the old Photographic Department, top floor looking down on Church Street with the Office entrance and Colwell's Garage to the left.
Photo 18. A view from the Photographic Department, looking over the D. O. roof and the Goat Track to the disused Carpet Factory.
Photo 19. Demolition of the old bike sheds and crypt, c.1980.
Photo 20. Demolition of the old Fire Engine house and Church Yard, c.1980.
Photo 21. Iris Richards.
Photo 22. Iris Richards 90th birthday - June 2003, with John Davis; Ken Daniell; George Claridge and Tim Lodge, (standing), Bob Madeley. Iris and Paul Regester (seated).
Photo 23. Jim Brint, working in the new Fitting Shop.
Photo 24. John Mabbett, working on an Accumulator Outlet Stop Valve Block in the New Fitting Shop.
Photo 25. Albert Grendall, retirement day!
Photo 26. John Mabbett & Les George in the New Fitting Shop.
Photo 27. Les Spooner, CEO saying a few words at a retirement, c.1980s, Paul Miller in the background.
Photo 28. Lionel Longney, on the occasion of his retirement, with Roger Beard saying a few words.
Photo 29. Jenny Goode.
Photo 30. Ron and Margaret Yardley.
Photo 31. Tony Franklin.
Photo 32. Dave Barnes; Norman Bidmead; John Toppin.
Photo 33. Tim Lodge; ? ; Bob Scott; ? ; John Bancroft.
Photo 34. Norman Bidmead; Dave Barnes; Dave Jones; John Toppin; Ron Yardley.
Photo 35. Justin Bissell; Andy Bracewell.
Photo 36. L to R (rear): John Ansley; Clarence Hack; Lionel Lane; George Claridge; Norman Davenport; Brian Billingham. L to R (front): Lionel Longney; Ken Daniell; Sid Jenkins; Tim Lodge; John Davis.
Photo 37. John Bancroft; Janet May; Helen Andrews; Jackie Byett; Monica Gittings (kneeling); ? ; Alexis ? ; Ray Cayliss; Justin Bissell.
Photo 38. Frank Bullock; Richard Evans; Dave Jones; Rory Moore.
Photo 39. (Names please?)
Photo 40. Steve Baker; Paul Regester; Claire Variet (Baker).
Photo 41. Justin Bissell; John Ansley; Tim Lodge; Clive Forster; John Bancroft; Steve Baker; Bob Scott.
Photo 42. Janet Davis; Bob Madeley.
Photo 43. Jackie Byett; Lionel Longney.
Photo 44. Keith Bradley; Dave Tucker; Lionel Longney.
Photo 45. ? ; Steve Baker; Ray Cayless; Justin Bissell.
Photo 46. Brian Billingham; John Mabbett.
Photo 47. (Names please?)
Photo 48. Dave Jones; Jackie Byett; Norman Davenport.
Photo 49. Brian Read; John Toppin; Bill Norton; Norman Davenport; Roger Beard.
Photo 50. 'Taffy' Hall; Nick Goscombe; Roger Beard; Ron Yardley; Dave Barnes; John Mabbett; Tom Ross.
Photo 51. Fiona ?; Dave Tucker; Darren Hazelden; ? ; Nick Denby.
Photo 52. Jackie Byett; Paul Regester; Norman Bidmead; Dave Barnes.
Photo 53. John Bancroft & John Ansley (foreground); ? ; ? ; ? ; ? ; Paul Beard.
Photo 54. Nick Goscombe; George Claridge; Clive Forster.
Photo 55. Norman Bidmead; Nick Goscombe; Dave Jones.
Photo 56. Brian Billingham; Mike Parker; ? ; Andy Michajlowicz; John Ansley.
Photo 57. At the Whitesmiths Arms, 'Yet another excuse for a lunchtime gathering!'
Photo 58. Justin Bissell; Fiona ?; Tim Gamston.
Photo 59. Dave Jones; Dave Barnes; Norman Bidmead; Darren Hazelden; Nick Denby.
Photo 60. Simon Hayward; Fiona ?; ? ; ? .
Photo 61. Dave Barnes; Andy Bracewell; ? ; Justin Bissell.
Photo 62. Brian Mince.
Photo 63. Jackie Byett; ? .
Photo 64. John Ansley; Jackie Byett; Clarence Hack.
Photo 65. Dave Taylor; Norman Bidmead; Ted Williams.
Photo 66. Clarence Hack; John Davis; George Claridge.
Photo 67. Dave Jones; Satwinder Kahn ; Ray Cayliss.
Photo 68. Dave Taylor.
Photo 69. Norman Bidmead; Nick Goscombe.
Photo 70. Stewart Watson (Finance Director); Tim Lodge; Ted Williams.
Photo 71. Tim Lodge; John Bancroft.
Photo 72. 'Chippy' Aston; 'Taffy' Hall; Brian Minnear.
Photo 73. ? ; ? ; ? ; Jackie Byett; ? ; Paul Regester.
Photo 74. Janet May; Lionel Longney; Esmond Sergeant.
Photo 75. Ray Cayliss; John Ansley; Tim Lodge; John Bancroft;; Garry Jones.
Photo 76. Margaret & Ron Yardley.
Photo 77. George Claridge; Roy Hollis; Roger Beard; Ron Yardley; Dave Jones.
Photo 78. Margaret and George Claridge.
Photo 79. Tony Franklin.
Photo 80. Amanda Parr from BBC Points West interviewed F & P Personnel in Gloucester Docks, probably about the Exhibition set up in the nearby Quays.
Photo 81. Olly Taylor; John Davis & Brian Mince showing the commemorative Blue Plaques, prior to location in the Gloucester Quays shopping outlet.
Photo 82. Brian Mince; Jeff Hogg; Ollie Taylor; John Davis. Displaying the 'Fielding' flag at the Gloucestershire Archives.
Photo 83. Brian Mince and John Davis interviewing John Morley, former Personnel Manager.
Photo 84. Brian Mince, Ollie Taylor and John Davis recording in the Gloucestershire Archives.
Photo 85. Close-up of the commemorative Blue Plaques, prior to location at the entrances to the Gloucester Quays shopping outlet.

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  • Hi John, three names to add to the photo’s. Number 49, I think the man on the far left could possibly be Brian Read/Reed who used to work nights on the grinding section of the heavy machine shop. Number 56, it is Mike Parker and not Keith Parker and finally number 72, it is Brian Minnear on the right of the photo.

    Ed: Many thanks Graham, much appreciated! John B

    By Graham 'Chippy' Aston (24/04/2021)

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