Christmas Party Organising Committee, c.1965

Who do you recognise in the photo and what do you remember of the Christmas parties?

Christmas Party Organising Committee, c.1965
Brian Mince

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Back row (L-R): Pete Groves; Tom Williams; Colin Organ; Paul Bolton; John Knight; Mike Wilmot; Dennis Callaghan; Len Winstone.

Middle row (L-R): Derek Tidmarsh; Brian Mince (chairman); Colin Fudge; Tony Parsloe.

Front row (L-R): Lyn Bolton; Pam Madement; Maureen O’Toole; Maidie Stephens; Janet May; Margaret Walters; Lou Pickernell; Denise Badham.

What do you remember of the Fielding and Platt Christmas Parties? Did you help organise them or maybe you brought your children? If you do have any memories of them then please leave a message below.

‘Click on the hyperlink to’ learn more about Denise Badham and her experiences at the Company. 

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  • Paul Whittard writes:

    “I would suggest that this photo was taken well after 1960 as I knew/know Colin Organ as we are the same age, in the photo he would be around 18/19. Also the ladies are wearing mini skirts and they were not the fashion until 1965/6.”

    By Ollie Taylor (25/09/2013)
  • Thanks Paul – by all accounts they certainly were a magical part of the Fielding and Platt year. What do you remember about them? Were you involved with organising them too or did you attend them as a kid?

    By Ollie Taylor (20/09/2013)
  • I remember those parties with great affection.

    By paul whittard (09/09/2013)
  • Thank you, Dee, it’s great that you remember your colleagues on the Christmas Party Committee! I wonder if you can recall some of things you and the committee did to prepare for the parties and to make them magical for the children? The canteen in the photograph looks beautifully decorated – did you make the decorations yourselves?

    By Ollie Taylor (22/01/2013)
  • I think the missing person on the front row is Maidie Stephens.

    (from Denise Badham as was)

    By Dee Jones (21/01/2013)

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