An £800 Christmas Prize

Brian Mince recalls David Tucker winning the "200 Club" Prize

Brian Mince recalls the occassion on which David Tucker won the Christmas Party's "200 Club" fundraiser prize

In this audio clip, Brian Mince recalls the occasion on which David Tucker won the big prize in the Christmas Party Organising Committee‘s “200 Club” Fundraiser.

The picture shows David, who at the time was an apprentice fitter, receiving a cheque for £800 from the Miss Gloucester 1973 Laura Lawrence during a ceremony in the canteen.  As Brian explains, David decided to accept the cash prize rather than a mini from a local garage.

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  • That explains why Dave went for the cash then !!!

    By Peter Vallender (06/12/2019)
  • I seem to remember it was a Hillman Imp rather than a Mini.

    By John Harding (06/02/2014)

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