John Fielding brought to life once again!

An early twentieth century Biofix flipbook

In this short video of a Biofix flip-book, John Fielding (1850-1932) is brought to life on the Bois de Boulogne! But is it really the Bois de Boulogne…


John Fielding was a distinguished engineer and often travelled to the continent on business or to attend engineering conferences or prizegivings (often as the recipient!).

This Biofix flip-book was probably made on one such trip to Paris early in the twentieth century.  Just before the First World War, photo laboratory Biofix proposed to its customers an original flip-book made in their shops from the pictures of those who wanted them. Biofix’s shops were in London (56 The Strand), Bruxelles (53 Rue de la Madeleine), and Paris (23 Boulevard Poissoniere). For more information on Biofix see

Images of John Fielding and the flip-book courtesy of his grandaughter, Pippa Edwards.

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  • My father, ‘Mr Jack’, was deafened by guns in WW1 and so could not fight again; instead he worked in the drawing office for many years. He drove into Gloucester in our pony and the gig every day except Friday, when my mother and I had the pony and a trap to drive in for shopping. Dad would then go by bike. He drew great cartoons on the spare paper, which I still have. He very much loved the family firm and made many good friends.

    Ed: Pippa, lovely story and thanks for sharing it with us. John B

    By Pippa Edwards (25/10/2020)

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