Pippa Edwards remembers applepicking at Jack Fielding's farm, c.1939

Office girls and Miss Walton (right) with Ruth Fielding and Pippa (front), c.1939

Fielding and Platt Office Staff (Standing L-R) Gladys Harrison, Jill Jones, Mary Dyke, Molly Hanks, ? , Joan Tredgett, and Daisy Walton, with Ruth Fielding and Pippa Fielding (front).

Pippa Edwards is the daughter of Jack Fielding who was a draughtsman at Fielding and Platt.  Their home was at Ree’s Farm in Upton St Leonards.  In this Digital Story she remembers Fielding’s office girls, and Miss Walton in particular, coming to pick apples at the farm.

If you remember Fielding’s office girls in the 1930s and 40s, Miss Walton, or anything about the apple picking at Jack Fielding’s farm please share your memories by adding a comment below.

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  • Ann Davey (nee Tredgett) writes:

    “Imagine my surprise seeing my mother in the above photo in The Citizen. She is second from the right in the ‘back row’. Her name: Joan Tredgett (later Medcroft). In this photo she is 19 or 20 years old. She was a Draughtswoman. She died in 2003. I would like to say she always spoke very fondly of her time with Jack Fielding who was very kind to her during difficult times.”

    By Ollie Taylor (22/10/2013)

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